bala Releases Third Single ‘Tokyo Survivor,’ Produced by Kenmochi Hidefumi! An Energetic Dance Tune Infused with the Chaos of Tokyo and the Member’s Powerful Originality


bala, a Tokyo-based collective of female artists and creators, released the new digital single Tokyo Survivor on November 22.

Tokyo Survivor, the group’s third single, was produced by Kenmochi Hidefumi, known widely for working with many other artists and for his activities as a member of the popular group Wednesday Campanella. The song’s lyrics are packed with references to popular spots in Tokyo, following a coming-of-age group of girls who have survived the urban chaos of a cyberpunk world. The pop tune features Kenmochi Hidefumi’s distinct melodic sense punctuated by an emotional and exciting dance beat.

In addition to MANON, SUNNY ONLY 1, and KANO, who have performed as frontline singers in the past, singer MERRY is newly credited on the new track. A part of bala’s community, the half-African, half-cyber-girl stands out and has already caught the eye of many fans.

The music video, released at 20:00 on November 22, was produced and directed by 0CM (Candice Mana Ono) and Hana Watanabe and serves as the culmination of the girl’s network formed by the creative collective bala. We hope that listeners will feel the energy of today’s Tokyo as they hear the names of popular and familiar spots dotted throughout the lyrics.

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Tokyo Survivor – bala (Digital Single)
Release Date: November 22, 2023
Streaming URL:

Tokyo Survivor – bala (Music Video) (11/22 20:00 Release)


Hidefumi Kenmochi
“I served as the Sound Producer for bala’s Tokyo Survivor. For the group’s first single barla, I was only involved in writing the lyrics, but this time I was charged with both writing and arranging the lyrics, which let me feel the member’s energy more directly. The song is difficult to sing, but during the recording, everyone sang perfectly while frolicking around with so much energy. (Laugh) I think the girl’s cool sides and some seriously good vibes coexist in this unique song.”


Candice Mana Ono
“I served as the producer and director for this project.
It’s so incredible to have the chance to make music videos with girls of my generation.
Because I typically work on film direction, I created this video with a storyline in mind and injected it with my own individuality.
bala is like the Y3K Powerpuff Girls, and they’re leading current Tokyo culture!
It was a grueling shoot, but with the help of both the members and the production team, we were able to get it done. They’re all warriors.
I’m so grateful for the friends I made. Thank you so, so much.”


Hana Watanabe
“This song is filled with the names of popular Tokyo locations that will bring back lots of happy memories! I hope you’ll enjoy watching the bala members running through the streets of Tokyo in the music video!”