bala Releases 4th Single ‘LIKE THAT’ to Mark 1st Debut Anniversary


Tokyo-based creative girls group bala release their 4th single, LIKE THAT, on March 13.

The new song is a classic pop number that has already become one of the most popular songs in the group’s live repertoire. In LIKE THAT, MANON, SUNNY ONLY 1, and KANO perform a mic relay over a clear and catchy R&B tune reminiscent of late 90s/00s girl pop groups. Filled with the positive vibes created by the girls’ friendship, the song is uplifting and perfect for days when listeners need a pick-me-up. The lyrics for the hook, which empower the members to take a step toward what they love, were penned by singer-songwriter Lil’ Leise But Gold.

Since their debut last spring, bala has presented a unique musical style that blends current club music trends with J-POP. Top Japanese producers including Shinichi Osawa and Hidefumi Kenmochi have worked with the girls, as well as up-and-coming overseas producers Bodysync, a unit composed of Ryan Hemsworth and Giraffage. A year following their debut, bala’s long-awaited first EP is scheduled to be released this spring.

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LIKE THAT – bala (Digital Single)
Release Date: March 13, 2024
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Lil’ Leise But Gold
An alternative R&B artist and singer/songwriter from Tokyo, Japan, Lil’ Leise But Gold and producer KM are partners both in public and private and are parents of two children.

Growing up in a musical environment, singing was a part of her childhood, often performing solos in musicals at school festivals. Years later, she became more involved in music when she met KM, a DJ.

In 2019, Lil’ Leise But Gold released the single (no)Reason, officially kicking off her career as a music artist. In May 2020, she released the single Aenaiya, produced during the pandemic, and in 2021, she dropped the EP Sleepless 364 on add some labels. She also appeared on KM’s album EVERYTHING INSIDE and captivated the audience at KKM EVERYTHING INSIDE LIVE, held at WWW X, despite it being her first live performance.

Lil’ Leise But Gold continues to expand her activities, participating in Frank Renaissance’s project ‘A-Team’s Fables,’ a remix album by Chicago-based artist Sen Morimoto. Frank Renaissance is a label aiming to connect Japanese and American culture.

In December 2022, Lil’ Leise But Gold released her first album Kensou Gensou.