Next Generation Creative Girls’ Collective bala Kicks off New Activities


The Tokyo-based girl artists and creators’ collective bala has finally launched for real! The group will release its first single barla on March 8.

bala consists of MANON, SUNNY ONLY 1, DAN, and KANO, each with their own global background. The project aims to resonate with Gen Z youth culture and to be a collective of artists that connects hybrid Japanese pop culture with audiences around the world.

The debut song barla was produced by Shinichi Osawa, who has numerous hits under the name Mondo Grosso. It was co-written by Kenmochi Hidefumi from Wednesday Campanella. With Y2K culture making a comeback around the world, the track features the house sound popular in the late 90s which is showing signs of becoming the next musical trend yet again. The groovy dance tune is a perfect theme song for these girls who will lead the next generation of pop culture.


<Comment from Shinichi Osawa>
“I’m honored to be involved in bala’s debut. The members are super unique, and collaborating with Kenmochi-san for the first time was a dream come true.”

<Comment from Kenmochi Hidefumi>
“I’m happy to be able to work with the members of bala and Shinichi Osawa. Everyone is so uniquely talented, and this song is filled with everyone’s energy and excitement inspired by their long-awaited debut!”

barla – Bala (1st single)
Release Date: March 8, 2023
Streaming URL:

[About bala]
Tokyo-based girl artists and creators collective bala consists of MANON, SUNNY ONLY1, DAN, and KANO.
The concept is to resonate with Gen Z youth culture and to blend unique global trends with Japanese pop culture in order to share new art with audiences around the world.
The group is also actively working on next-generation creative pursuits via the next-generation Internet WEB 3.0 through the 3D avatar character Barla.
The girls aim to develop a new pop culture ecosystem by utilizing a creative platform for a variety of artists and creators who share their style.