Four ASOBISYSTEM Actors to Appear on Wednesday Drama 25 ‘Kiss x kiss x Kiss ~Melting Night~


Takuma Usa, Utano Aoi, Aino Kuribayashi, and Fujie Iwasaki will star in the drama series Kiss x kiss x Kiss ~Melting Night~, scheduled to air on TV Tokyo starting October 19.

This is an adaptation of the Kiss x kiss x Kiss series that originally aired on dTV, pulling in over 220 million views. The series was an unprecedented hit and has now been rewritten for standard television.

The short drama series will run for 20 episodes and will invite viewers to enjoy a true love experience alone.

<Actor Comments>

Takuma Usa
“We had direction, but I valued the independence we had on set. I discovered that my repertoire of kisses isn’t as large as I thought! I had never done a kissing scene before, so I had a ton of fun trying to figure out how to make it sexy. The episode I appear on focuses on a kiss at a company Christmas party, and I think a lot of people will be familiar with the scenario. I want everyone to fantasize as they watch. In The Secret Kiss, you’ll see myself and Nasu, who I’ve known for years. Enjoy it!”


Utano Aoi
“I had never taken part in any kissing scenes before, so I was really anxious. I think I was able to make a good scene though! In episode four, the situation took place after a fireworks show, and it was so nostalgic and incredible. I hope everyone will immerse themselves in the series–your heart will be pounding!”


Aino Kuribayashi
“It had been such a long time since I could play on a playground, and I was so happy the whole time. It was so much fun to kiss someone on playground equipment, and it was such a change from the fantastical scenes I’ve shot in the past. The two-person slide was great because it was like doing something bad. The relationship between fans and stars and the stories that can be born from people’s imaginations have the power to create some really interesting content. This may be an aspect of myself that I am ashamed of and would like to keep to myself, but I would be very happy if there are people out there who can also imagine themselves in this situation.”


Fujie Iwasaki
“I was so nervous because it was only a half-day shoot, and it went by so quickly. Asahi Ito played a YouTuber, and he was so flirty and incredible. It was interesting to have a crush on this new kind of person. The story is about a girl in love with a celebrity, and I can imagine that girls exhausted from a long day of work will love watching it. Believe it, it’s healing.”

Wednesday Drama 25 – Kiss x kiss x Kiss ~Melting Night~
Premieres October 19, 2022
Airs Wednesdays at 1AM *Episode 1 to air at 1:10
Networks: TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TV Hokkaido, TVQ Kyushuu
*Airing on TV Osaka Thursdays at 2:35 AM starting October 27
Streaming on dTV starting October 12 / TVer, GYAO!
Male Cast: Ryuga Akabane, Asahi Ito, Takuma Usa, Hiroaki Oka, Ryudai Onikura, Atsuki Kashio, Sena Goto, On Nakano, Taito Nasu, Ryosuke Miyake
Female Cast: Utano Aoi, Ayako Inokuchi, Fujie Iwasaki, Kei Kawamoto, Noa Kita, Ayano Kubota, Aino Kuribayashi, Saki Tateno, Arisa Deguchi, Mai Hikagedate

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