Utano Aoi to Appear on ABS Series ‘~Bon Appetit! Akita no Okashitachi~’


Starting September 25, Utano Aoi will appear on the Akita Broadcasting series ~Bon Appetit! Akita no Okashitachi~.

Utano Aoi will portray the protagonist, a 23-year-old designer from Nakano-ku, Tokyo. Aoi’s life as a working adult in Akita this spring is full of firsts, and the young woman has a tough time figuring out where to start. How does she deal with her stress? By sampling Akita Prefectures’ delicious sweets! This mini-drama will show off some of the most popular desserts from Akita while telling a sweet coming-of-age story.

Akita Broadcasting System Series ~Bon Appetit! Akita no Okashitachi~
Starring: Utano Aoi, Baritone Itou, Yoshua Tamura (ABS)
First Broadcast: September 25, 2022
Airing Sundays at 11:45~
*Excluding the 3rd Sunday of each month

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