Gai Ueno to Star in Short Drama Series ‘Re START -Baka ga Taishi wo Idaku toki-’


Actor Gai Ueno will star in the upcoming short drama series Re START -Baka ga Taishi wo Idaku toki- to begin airing on March 8, 2024.

The drama series is a revenge story set in an HR startup. It will be available to watch on the short drama app BUMP.

Re START -Baka ga Taishi wo Idaku toki-
Air Date: March 8, 2024 / 19:00
Where to Watch: BUMP (Short Drama App)
Download the app:
Episode Count: 19
Starring: Yoshiki Fujieda, Kokoro Aoshima, Gai Ueno, Kana Okada, Yusuke Takemoto, Takaaki Kikuchi, Keiichi Kageyama, Yota Kawase, Tetsu Hirahara
Director: Yoshika Nakayama
Scriptwriters: Ponde Ueno, Kei Kunii

While in college, Haruki started a business matching service with his friends. Just as things are getting off to a good start, the company is taken over by the malicious company manager Tabeta and Haruki loses all of his friends and his girlfriend.

Three years later, Haruki is working for a terrible human resource company and is uncomfortable with the company’s attempts to improve its performance by deceiving innocent people. After meeting Eimi, who dreams of becoming a designer, Haruki remembers his past ambitions and decides to start another business.

“We’ll create a world where anyone can be successful regardless of their environment. It’ll all depend on their ambition.”

Holding on to this powerful vision, Haruki finds himself once again confronted by Tabeta. On top of that, he’ll have Serina, his former friend and lover, to deal with…