Takuma Usa and Gai Ueno to Star in TV Tokyo Drama ‘Kiss×kiss×Kiss’


Actors Takuma Usa and Gai Ueno will appear in the TV Tokyo short drama series Kiss×kiss×Kiss ~LOVE ii SHOWER~ airing November 2.

The show is the second terrestrial drama project in the Kiss×kiss×Kiss series, an original production from dTV that has been viewed by over 5 million women, with over 220 million views across all series in total. This unique ‘kissing drama’ allows viewers to relive many of the series’ heart-rending scenes in a sexual fantasy world.

<Comment from Takuma Usa>
Heated Kiss: Daichi / Ageless Kiss: Ryota Ando
“Since this is my second Kiss×kiss×Kiss series, I wasn’t worried at all. I hope you’ll enjoy the many heart-pounding moments included this time around!”

■Favorite Episode
“The story with Taito Nasu (Heated Kiss), I think. It’s a follow-up story, and I hope everyone will enjoy it. There was a ton of planning before shooting started, and we could really make use of our experience.”

<Comment from Gai Ueno>
My Blue Bird: Yamauchi / A Properly Prepared Kiss: Satoshi
“Kiss×kiss×Kiss. When I first got the offer and saw the title, I thought ‘How much kissing am I going to do?! And I’m going to kiss WHO?!’ I was so shocked and anxious. I’m in two stories this time around, and my character in each is totally different. I’m looking forward to seeing the episodes myself, and I hope the audience will enjoy them as well!”

■Favorite Episode
In My Blue Bird, you can see a couple in the past and the present. The two miss the chance to express their feelings for each other, and as time passes, both of them keep thinking about each other. I hope you’ll enjoy the story as they finally take action.”

Kiss×kiss×Kiss ~LOVE ii SHOWER~
Air Date: November 2, 2023 (Airing Thursdays from 1:00~1:30AM)
Where to Watch: TV Tokyo, TV Hokkaido, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting
Streaming: TVer, Lemino (Episodes available one week in advance starting October 26)

Ryuga Akahane, Keishi Arai, Gai Ueno, Takuma Usa, Tetsuya Sakurai, Keiko Shimokyo, Ito Shiraishi, Yusuke Takemoto, Rion Tanimoto, On Nakano, Shoma Nagumo, Taito Nasu, Kou Nanase, Mio Nitta, Momoka Hanazawa, Robin Furuya, Akari Misaki, Kina Yazaki, Chihiro Yuuki, Tomoki Yonemura

Screenplay: Mio Uchihara
Directors: Ryo Morita, Sou Hatayama

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