#Look Local JP Event to Connect Japanese Companies and Organizations Involved in Tourism and Cultural Activities


On November 11, ASOBISYSTEM’s #LOOK LOCAL JP office will hold the #LOOK LOCAL SUMMIT 2022 event, helping companies and organizations involved in tourism and culture around Japan to connect with one another. The conference will take place during SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2022.

The #LOOK LOCAL JP project was started as a joint venture by ASOBISYSTEM President Yusuke Nakagawa (member of the Cool Japan Initiative and CCO of Metatokyo) and Jungo Kanayama, the Representative Director of the Shibuya City Tourism Association and TNZQ, as well as the General Producer of Future Design Shibuya. The two decided to launch the project after realizing that the more people know about Japan’s region, the more interesting the country becomes.

Sometimes unbeknownst to them, those who live in specific regions around Japan have the resources and potential to shine the spotlight on their town, city, or prefecture. Each area of the country has its own natural beauty, customs, local cuisine, festivals, historic sites, cultural heritage, architecture, traditional crafts, parks, and history to explore. The #LOOK LOCAL JP website highlights the urban areas and tourism strategies of various regions, and by sharing this information and collaborating with one another, organizations can learn to make their regions more attractive as tourist destinations to both domestic and international travelers.

In June 2022, the #LOOK LOCAL JP website ( was opened, providing an open forum for local communities to share their current projects. For the next step in the project’s evolution, the #LOOK LOCAL SUMMIT 2022 conference will be livestreamed!


The #LOOK LOCAL SUMMIT 2022 conference will bring organizations involved in #LOOK LOCAL JP together to hold talks on a number of topics from the importance of collaboration among tourism associations to human resource development. The event can be watched for free on the official SIW 2022 distribution channel. Along with ASOBISYSTEM president and #LOOK LOCAL JP founder Yusuke Nakagawa, LDH Japan Creative Director VERBAL, INCS TOENTER Director Yu Tamura, and TWIN PLANET’s Kenji Yajima will appear as guests.

[November 11, 2022]
① 12:30 – 12:50 [Opening]
Yusuke Nakagawa, ASOBISYSTEM
TWIN PLANET, Kenji Yajima

② 13:00 – 13:40 [Potential Japan Contents]
Yusuke Nakagawa, ASOBISYSTEM

③ 13:50 – 14:30 [Local Development in the web3 Era]
Meta Tokyo, Taka Suzuki
Jungo Kanayama, Representative Director of the Shibuya City Tourism Association
Tomohito Oginome, IZUMO France SAS Co-Founder
Kuniyoshi Mabuchi, Metaverse Japan

④ 14:40 – 15:20 [Pioneering the Era of Super-Welfare]
Hirotsugu Natsume, Quon Chocolate
Satoshi Nabe, AlonAlon Non-Profit Organization

⑤ 15:30 – 17:00 [LOOK LOCAL TALK]
Hiroyuki Yokota, Airbnb Japan
Tatsuya Tanabe, Izumo Tourism Association
Takayuki Ashizu, Munakata Shrine
Yasuhiro Nakanishi, Nara Visitors Bureau

⑥ 17:10 – 17:55 [Osaka Misaki Park Development Project]
Tatsumi Takashima, Kaleido Japan
Jungo Kanayama, Representative Director of the Shibuya City Tourism Association

⑦ 18:00 – 18:10 [Closing]
Jungo Kanayama, Representative Director of the Shibuya City Tourism Association

*Programs are subject to change.

From November 8 to November 13, several conferences and hands-on programs will be held in Shibuya to encourage the sharing of ideas. Now in its fifth year, this year’s event will feature the themes ‘Culture Design,’ ‘Beyond Digital, and ‘Women Leading,’ creating opportunities to expand knowledge by hearing from participating companies, which may lead to more open innovation.

・How to Watch
The footage will be streamed for free on the official SIW 2022 channel. For more information, visit the SIW 2022 official site.


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#LOOK LOCAL JP and #LOOK LOCAL SUMMIT 2022 are planned and operated by Channel 47 (, a project using the power of entertainment to share Japan and its local culture with the world.