Based in Tokyo, Licaxxx is a DJ, beatmaker, editor, and radio personality. She began as a DJ in 2010, and while originally basing her sound on machine techno and house, she has since been influenced by youth culture, which has manipulated her style into something bolder. 

The video of her appearance at Boiler Room Tokyo in 2016 has been viewed over 600,000 times. Licaxxx has performed at many large music festivals in Japan including Fuji Rock. She has also performed at some of Europe’s leading club events such as CIRCOLOCO@DC10. In Japan, Licaxxx has supported and performed with international artists such as Peggy Gou, Randomer, Mall Grab, DJ HAUS, Anthony Naples, Max Greaf, and Lapalux. Along with her own DJ career, she dabbles in a number of other activities, often providing mixes for local radio stations like NTS Radio and Rince France. 

Licaxxx also supervises Tokyo Community Radio, a Gilles Peterson-inspired video streaming station. Focusing mainly on young talent, the program aims to regularly broadcast local Japanese DJs, and also provides a forum for interaction between these local DJs and international DJs visiting Tokyo. 

The artist has also produced ambient music for a number of fashion shows. In recent years, Licaxxx has produced music for the W-League, as well as for yoshiokubo and Chika Kisada’s collections. 

Tokyo Prefecture
December 25, 1991