Licaxxx’s Tokyo Community Radio to Hold “sessions,” a Training Program Open to the Public, for the Second Time


Tokyo Community Radio (TCR), an online radio platform run by Licaxxx, will hold its “sessions” program for the second time on June 30 in Tokyo.

“sessions” is a training program with a focus on dance music. Participants work closely with DJs and other active music creators to hone their skills and share unique experiences. Instead of being a series of lectures, “sessions” is what the title implies–a jam session, of sorts. The moderators, including Licaxxx, will share problems they have faced during their careers and how they overcame them. The main goal of the program is to teach more about current technology and to share real-world examples that can help participants thrive.

For the second iteration of “sessions,” two of Japan’s leading music producers, STUTS and Giorgio Blaise Givvn, will hold a special panel to discuss the production aspect of the music world. The program will also include technical discussions and a panel on proper communication in production work.

Participants will also receive a complimentary ticket to Tokyo Community Radio Presents “communities” with re;lax to be held on the same day at Daikanyama UNIT. The concert will feature globally active DJs and trackmakers and is sure to inspire aspiring creators.

Those interested can apply to take part from June 16 at 12:00 to June 20 at 23:59.

sessions vol.1 Teaser Video

<Comment from Licaxxx>
“When you see an artist’s name, you must remember that there are countless people involved in that artist’s activities when it comes to concerts and releases. With a focus on dance music this time around, we wanted to also focus on producers, and we hope to share more about the production process and how arrangements featuring rappers and singers come to be. We’ll be sharing tons of behind-the-scenes stories too!”

■ Tokyo Community Radio presents “sessions” vol. 2
Date: June 30, 2023
Location: Shibuya, Tokyo
Admission Fee: Free
Bonus: Ticket to ‘Tokyo Community Radio Presents “communities” with re;lax’
Application Period: June 16 at 12:00 ~ June 20 at 23:59
*Only successful applications will be notified of the specific event time and location.

Moderator: Licaxxx
Supporters: STUTS,Giorgio Blaise Givvn

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Giorgio Blaise Givvn


Tokyo Community Radio Presents “communities” with re;lax
Date: June 30 at 22:00
Venue: Daikanyama UNIT / SALOON
Tickets: General Presale ¥3,000 / Day-of ¥3,500
Performers: re:lax (re:ni & Laksa), Licaxxx, Temple Ov Subsonic Youth (a.k.a Mars89) – Live, Romy Mats, CELTER, k_yam, natsumi hirota
Presale Tickets:

Tokyo Community Radio Presents “communities” with re;lax in OSAKA
Date: July 1 at 22:00
Venue: Osaka JOULE
Tickets: General Presale ¥3,000 / Day-of ¥3,500
Performers: re:lax (re:ni & Laksa), Licaxxx, kotsu (CYK), Romy Mats, Nananael, tank Bussy, MIYUU, Hiroto, kengotaki
Presale Tickets:

■About Tokyo Community Radio
TCR is a distribution platform based in Tokyo that focuses on introducing both local DJs and up-and-coming DJs from around Japan. The program features all musical genres and showcases both DJ mixes and live performances. In featured podcasts, DJs talk about their music, hobbies, and interests, allowing fans the rare chance to learn more about their favorite creators. The station also cooperates with community radio stations in other Asian cities and supports DJs and artists from Asia and beyond when they visit Japan. In addition to regular DJ sessions and podcasts, TCR also collaborates with corporate events, produces music events, and matches DJs to places and brands.

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