Licaxxx to Appear in TOKYO MX/BS11 Original Drama Series ‘One Day in Shimokitazawa’


Licaxxx will appear in One Day in Shimokitazawa, a drama co-produced by TOKYO MX and BS11. The series will begin broadcasting on March 17.

The human drama follows the main character Airi who works at a record store in the Shimokitazawa neighborhood of Tokyo as she confronts her true feelings after getting involved in a strange incident in town.

Artists with a deep attachment to the hip Shimokitazawa area appear as characters who have a significant relationship with the main character Airi.

Licaxxx / Airi Suzuki(Leading Actor)

One Day in Shimokitazawa (Drama Series)
TOKYO MX1 / March 17, 2024 (19:00~20:00)
BS11 / March 24, 2024 (19:00~20:00)

Airi Suzuki,  Akira Ishige, Nobuaki Okamoto, Seiji Matsumoto, Kite Okachimachi, Emi Okamoto, Asako Toki, Katsuya Kobayashi, Gota Nishidera, Pierre Nakano, Keiichi Sokabe, Akira Takano, Licaxxx, etc.

Planning/Producer: Yoshika Wakita
Screenplay/Direction: Koutarou Tenmei
Production: Shinkyo Shiraishi (BS11)

Airi works at a small record store in the city of Shimokitazawa. One day, vaguely wondering if she should stay in the area she loves so much, she comes across a shoplifting incident at a nearby vintage clothing store. When the detectives seize the shoplifter, he tells the locals that he was trying to make money to buy a strange record by selling stolen T-shirts. This mysterious record that shouldn’t exist was created by a collector and is titled ‘One Day in Shimokitazawa.’ When Airi hears this, she becomes obsessed with it, eventually falling victim to a scam in her attempts to find it. Seeing Airi fall into depression after being scammed, people in Shimokitazawa come up with an idea…

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