FRUITS ZIPPER to Appear in First Regular TV Program ‘Mayurika to Onedari FRUITS ZIPPER’ This April


In April 2024, FRUITS ZIPPER will begin appearing regularly on a TV program for the first time. The members will star in Mayurika to Onedari FRUITS ZIPPER, set to air during TV Asahi’s late-night weekday variety program Barabara Daisakusen. The group will appear alongside the comedy duo Mayurika.

In the program, Mayurika will deal with FRUITS ZIPPER’s absurd pestering and begging, taking on tons of fun challenges and different projects.

<Comment from FRUITS ZIPPER>
“FRUITS ZIPPER will appear in its first-ever regular terrestrial TV program!
When we were first told about the project, we were so surprised…all the members laughed, cried, screamed, and made a huge fuss (laughs). We were all so happy.
We’ll do our best to make sure that everyone watching the program enjoys it.
We’d like for Mayurika to deal with our pestering and to help make the show even more exciting!”

<Comment from Mayurika>
“We’re happy to announce that we’ll be teaming up with FRUITS ZIPPER for a new TV show!
We’ll work together and get to know each other as quickly as possible! We hope you enjoy it!”

“I’m nervous, but I need to remember that they’re younger than me.
If I keep thinking of how young they are, I’ll be less nervous. Anyway, I’m ready to make the show as exciting as I can!”

Mayurika to Onedari FRUITS ZIPPER (TV Asahi)
Airing: April 2024, Wednesdays from 26:15~26:34

Barabara Daisakusen Official Site