FRUITS ZIPPER is a 7-member idol group consisting of Tsukiashi Amane, Matsumoto Karen, Manaka Mana, Sakurai Yui, Hayase Noel, Nakagawa Luna, and Chinzei Suzuka. 

The group was formed from participants in ASOBISYSTEM’s idol project KAWAII LAB. The group’s name combines FRUITS, meaning ‘to bear fruit,’ and ZIP, meaning ‘to give energy.’ The group’s concept is ‘from Harajuku to the world,’ and the group will transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to the world.

From collaborating with renowned creators to selling out monthly concerts, the girls have already made a name for themselves at numerous large-scale events despite having only just debuted. 

Even before FRUITS ZIPPER made its debut, the girls attracted plenty of attention with their stunning visuals. With their cute image and incredibly powerful stage performances, the group has already captured the hearts of fans around the world.

Amane Tsukiashi
Suzuka Chinzei
Yui Sakurai
Luna Nakagawa
Mana Manaka
Karen Matsumoto
Noel Hayase


<What is KAWAII LAB?>

ASOBISYSTEM’s project to promote Japanese idol culture to the world. The producer of KAWAII LAB is model and TV personality Misa Kimura. The popular talent draws on her longtime love of idol culture and her experience as the leader of the idol group Musubizm to make the project as successful as it can be. KAWAII LAB is also supporting IDOLATER, a culture-holic idol group, alongside FRUITS ZIPPER.