Takuma Usa Appears in New YouTube Drama Series ‘Asa wo Sagashite’


Actor Takuma Usa is now appearing in Asa wo Sagashite, the seventh installment of the YouTube drama series Tokyo Kanojo. The project is produced by Ella Project, which casts a light on up-and-coming directors and performers.

The new drama is directed and written by Yutaka Tsunemachi, whose film Kono Hibi ga Naidara won the Best Actress Award during the Main Competition of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival. The coming-of-age drama focuses on the present and future of a group of young people who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The main character, Mikoto, lost her dream of becoming a CA, instead choosing to take a job at a local company.

<Comment from Director & Screenwriter Yutaka Tsunemachi>
“Ever since COVID-19 made me and many others realize how fragile daily life truly is, I’ve had this feeling that I can’t shake.
This story was born from the many days I spent wandering around with these heavy thoughts in my mind.
There were things I could only write because of the times we’re living in now.
This is everyone’s story–a story of our wish that beyond the cloudy and sometimes rainy skies, there is light.
I’m sure that the road ahead will be okay.”

Asa wo Sagashite (YouTube Drama, 5 episodes)
Streaming Dates: October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Where to Stream: Ella Project YouTube Channel (

Director/Screenwriter: Yutaka Tsunemachi

SUMIRE, Ryutarou Akimoto
Takuma Usa, Yuuka Nakashima, Yura Anno, Soichiro Tanaka, Airi Aoki, Hiroyuki Toritani, Yuto Endo, Atsushi Oda, Hideki Noda, Yuka Noda, Aoi Noda / Hiroko Nakajima


In the year 2020, many people felt time stagnate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mikoto Otsuka, 27, gave up on her dream of becoming a CA, instead becoming a broker at a real estate agency.
Every Wednesday night at 8:00, Mikoto meets her childhood friend Ryotaro Inui, who works at a restaurant downtown, at a neighborhood park for one hour. The two chat about the week’s events while drinking canned beer.
What path will Mikoto take when time, which had seemed to stop, begins to move once again?