Miyu Takes to Paris, France for Another Sky, Gives Thoughts on Elevating the Social Status of Dancers


Street dancer Miyu made her first appearance as a guest on NTV’s Another Sky on June 9. Looking back on her past activities, the artist spoke passionately about her thoughts on the dancing profession.

Miyu, who began dancing at age eight, is a world-class house dancer, holding numerous titles in both domestic and international competitions, including being named the world champion at the world’s most prestigious battle competition JUSTE DEBOUT 2017 WORLD FINAL at the age of 19. Her incredible technique is apparent in her #Fast Step, which trended on social networking sites, winning her a TikTok Award in 2022. Miyu was also selected from approximately 1 million applicants worldwide as the only Japanese entrant to participate in the dearMoon project, the first civilian lunar orbit project scheduled for 2023.

The dancer has visited more than 10 countries for workshops and competitions as a judge. Another Sky took her to Paris, giving her time to reflect on her life as a dancer as she visited the Accor Arena, the venue of the competition she won in 2017. Miyu also visited one of her largest influences, MaMSoN, a Paris-based house dancer.

In her elementary school yearbook, Miyu bluntly wrote “I will become the best dancer in the world.” The artist has always thought about dance, citing dance as something that has helped her to grow. While she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a top performer, Miyu is also familiar with a frustrating reality–the dancing profession is not incredibly well recognized.

Miyu continues to take on new challenges beyond the dance scene, driven by her goal of making the profession of ‘dancer’ more socially acceptable.

“As a dancer, I’m often denied or laughed at for trying new things. But from the bottom of my heart, I’m so glad I’ve never given up,” Miyu wrote on Instagram after the show was broadcast. “Recently, more and more dancing videos have popped up on social media, and I see more kids dancing too! I hope to make a world where these children can pursue their dreams of becoming dancers. I don’t want them to be kept from what they want to do.” Following her motto “The impossible is possible,” Miyu has promised to take on plenty of new challenges.

The June 9 episode of Another Sky featuring Miyu is now available on TVer and Hulu.

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