World-Class Dancer Miyu Opens Business Partnerships for Artistic Activities


ODORIBA, a creative agency specializing in dance, has produced countless music videos for hit songs. ASOBISYSTEM is now partnering with the company to continue fostering media appearances, brand partnerships, and new artistic ventures for Miyu, a world champion dancer with numerous domestic and international titles and an ODORIBA member.

Miyu is a world-class street dancer who has been attracting attention both in Japan and abroad. She was selected from approximately 1 million applicants worldwide as the only Japanese entrant to participate in the dearMoon project, the first civilian lunar orbit project scheduled for 2023. The talented and genre-defining Gen Z dancer, boasting a worldwide fan base, took on the incredible challenge of applying to the dearMoon project, eventually being selected as a backup crew member after passing a lengthy examination.

In 2022, Miyu appeared in the music video for Wednesday Campanella’s song Edison, in which she performed the trending “foot dance” while sitting in a chair. The trending figure on social media also won the Dance Creator of the Year award at the TikTok Awards 2022. To help Miyu take a further leap forward, ASOBISYSTEM and ODORIBA have formed a business alliance together in the areas of media appearances and brand partnerships.

In order to expand her horizons and to improve the social status of dancers, Miyu continues to take on new challenges beyond dance. Operating under the motto of “making the impossible possible,” Miyu’s willingness to try new things has made her a new Gen Z icon.

Keep a close eye on Miyu’s activities going forward!

<Comment from Miyu>
“More than ever before, I’lll do my best to create a new path as a dancer. Following my motto of “making the impossible possible,” I’ll strive to show everyone a new type of dancer that they’ve never seen before.”

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