Azumi debuted in 1999 as the vocalist of the pop group Wyolica, produced by Shinichi Osawa. Featuring gentle, transparent vocals and melancholy lyrics and melodies, the band instantly presented an original and unique identity. The artist has collaborated with a number of artists including Suneohair, FLOW, and SOFFet. Steady&co’s Only Holy Story feat. Azumi became a massive hit upon release despite being an album-only track and still remains popular today. In 2011, she resumed her solo career and began DJing.

Her first solo album, Piano and Azumi, combined Azumi’s jazz and pop sounds and featured an incredible pianist who is a close friend of the artist. In April 2013, she released the cover album NEW STANDARD, featuring bold jazz arrangements of girl’s pop songs. The album was well-received, reaching the top spot on the iTunes Jazz Chart and entering the Top 10 on the overall album charts.

In 2012, Azumi opened the hair accessory brand Tuno by Azumi, and the artist remains active as a designer. 

The artist’s first original solo album CARNIVAL was released on December 2, 2015 by Warner Music Japan. She also appeared in the film You’ve Got A Friend in February 2022.