Nakonako Couple to Serve as MCs on the ABEMA Special Program ‘Auf and Guss’


YouTubers Nakonako Couple will appear as MCs on ABEMA’s special program Auf and Guss, scheduled to air for three consecutive nights starting June 6.

Auf and Guss will explore the details and appeal of the popular sauna ‘performance’ known as Aufgoss. Nakonako Couple have often shared their love of sauna culture, making them the perfect fit for this special series.

The show will give a behind-the-scenes look as Ko-kun makes his Aufguss Master debut in an exhibition match at the Aufguss Championship Japan 2024, the ultimate competition of Aufguss Masters in Japan. The logo and official characters for the program were created by Katsuki Tanaka, author of the Sado manga series which sparked the recent sauna boom.

<Comment from Ko-kun>
“Because I love saunas so much, I’m so happy to get my first sauna-related job. I’m standing at the ready!
I’ll do my best to convey how much I love the sauna through ABEMA! Please tune in to see our passion for sauna culture! (Now I just wanna go to the sauna…)”

<Comment from Nagomi>
“Ko-kun and I go to the sauna together pretty often, so getting this sauna job is a dream come true!
Sauna dates are amazing and I hope that you’ll all give it a try!”

Auf and Guss (ABEMA Special)
Part 1: June 6, 2024 / 23:00~
Part 2: June 7, 2024 / 23:00~
Airing Back-to-back: June 8, 2024 / 21:00~

Ko-kun (Nakonako Couple)
Nagomi (Nakonako Couple)
Kousei (Miki)
Asei (Miki)
Wataru Itou
Noa Tanaka
Rena Takeda

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