SUSHIDELIC NY, the NYC Sushi Restaurant Boasting Sebastian Masuda as Creative Director, Wins Grand Prix in Project Category at CJPF Awards 2024


One of the world’s most unique sushi restaurants, SUSHINYC, has been given an award at the CJPF Awards 2024. The ceremony is organized by the Cool Japan Public/Private Partnership Platform (Secretariat: Secretariat for Intellectual Property Strategy, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan), which gives initiatives to promote Japanese culture to overseas markets. SUSHINYC itself was creatively designed by Sebastian Masuda.

The CJPF Awards 2024 was created to promote the Cool Japan strategy to increase the number of Japan fans worldwide by sharing the countries culture with people around the world. Inbound tourism to Japan has bounced back following the COVID-19 pandemic, and interest in visiting the country is at an all-time high. The award in the project category is given to an initiative that helps develop the attractiveness of Japan as a story that can be shared by foreigners and is aimed at overseas development and inbound tourism.

From Left:
Kenichi Watanabe (Director, Cool Japan Public/Private Partnership Platform)
Sebastian Masuda (Artist)
Sanae Takaichi (Minister of State for Special Affairs, Cool Japan Strategy, Cabinet Office)
Takeshi Natsuno (Co-Chairman of Cool Japan Public/Private Partnership Platform, Head of Jury)



SUSHIDELIC NY opened in June 2023 in the SoHo district of New York City, an area known to be artistic and unique. The shop was formed as a sushi restaurant with a completely new perspective under the creative direction of Sebastian Masuda, an artist who creates works with bold colors.

Chef Hiroki Abe and Sebastian Masuda collaborated to create an unforgettable menu, fully supported by AUTEC. After moving to the United States in 2001, Abe worked as an executive chef at EN Japanese Brasserie in NYC. He now works as a private chef at corporate events and parties around the U.S. On the technical side, AUTEC, which boasts the number one share of the automatic sushi machine market in North America, is backing up the venture. Though the food itself is delectable, the real joy is being able to touch Sebastian Masuda’s sense of ‘kawaii.’

Following the restaurant’s opening, it was dubbed a “new-generation sushi restaurant” by local media outlets The New York Post and EATER NY. It also appeared in Reuters and was shared with 71 countries around the world. The restaurant has attracted so much attention that reservations were sold out immediately after opening–at one point, the wait list was up to 2,000 people.

SUSHIDELIC NY will continue to update its menu and experiences to match the local season and events in order to introduce Japanese culture with original flare to the world.

The company is also looking for partnerships with corporations interested in collaborating with Japanese pop culture content and opening multiple stores in Japan and overseas, particularly in North America.

[Comments from Project Category Jury]
Chairman of the Jury: Tsuyoshi Natsuno (Co-Chairman, Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform / Distinguished Visiting Professor, Director of the Institute of Informatics, Kinki University)
“By combining sushi with the concept of ‘kawaii,’ we’re creating a new form of Cool Japan, offering the now ubiquitous sushi, popular around the world, with a new twist. We highly commend this year’s Grand Prix as an incredibly worthy attempt.”

[Comment from Creative Director Sebastian Masuda]
“I want to thank everyone for this incredible award.
This restaurant was created based on the trending Japanese ‘kawaii’ culture and sushi, one of the most traditional foods in Japanese culture.

To me, ‘kawaii’ is a philosophy that transcends race, religion, age, gender, and national borders. Overseas, people know ‘WABISABI’ as a Japanese tradition, but there is another important piece of our culture that has been nurtured called ‘Hare.’ I’ve been based in New York for the past two years, and every day I feel that a more happy and colorful world view and a bit more Japanese creativity are in demand in this vast city.

I hope that the younger generation will believe in the many possibilities that the future can bring and create content for a new era.”


[About the CJPF Awards 2024]

This new award program is open to projects across a wide range of fields such as food, culture, tourism, manufacturing, entertainment (manga, anime, films), and technology. These creations should highlight the attractiveness of Japan. In the Movie category, applications are open for films that share the charm of Japan with foreign countries, and in the Project (Business) category, businesses should tell a story that foreigners can sympathize with in order to win the top prize and stimulate incoming tourism. Among the entries, videos and projects that share the vision of the Cool Japan Strategy will stand the best chance to win.


<SUSHIDELIC NY Store Information>
Address: 177 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013
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<Sebastian Masuda Profile>

Born in 1970, Masuda currently resides in New York City. After becoming involved in theater and contemporary art in the early 1990s, he opened the popular accessory shop 6%DOKIDOKI in Harajuku in 1995 as a place for free expression. His consistently unique and vivid sense of color has seen him create works that transcend the boundaries between art, fashion, and entertainment. Masuda created the art used in the music video for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s PONPONPON, completely produced the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE, and has been involved in countless projects to share Kawaii culture with the world. He has been based in New York City since 2022 and continues to create new material from all things that exist in the world.

In 2017, he was named a Cultural Envoy for the Agency of Cultural Affairs, while in 2018 he became a visiting professor at New York University. In 2019, Masuda was named one of the top 100 Most Respected Japanese in the world by Newsweek.