Toua to Serive as MC for ABEMA’s ‘Koisuru♥Shumatsu Homestay 2024 Winter’


Youtuber and Tiktoker Toua will appear as the MC for the new season of ABEMA’s original romance program Koisuru♥Shumatsu Homestay 2024 Winter. The show will begin airing on February 6, 2024.

Koisuru♥Shumatsu Homestay is a romance series that follows a group of high schoolers who want to fall in love and only have a weekend to do it. In the new season, the participants will spend three special weekends traveling to date spots around Japan and creating their own unique love story.

<Comment from Toua>
“I’ve wanted to be the MC for a romance TV show since I was a student, and now my dream has finally come true! I already feel at home on the set as this season’s MC. I’d like to be invited back in the future, so I’m trying not to show too much of my true feelings or rage too much (laugh). It would be great if Enapi and I’s names became associated with romance TV, so I’ll keep doing my best!
*Another MC for the season is Enapi, with whom Toua has a close relationship.

Figures in photo clockwise from the top left:
Yui-P (Okazu Club), Naoto Ikeda (Rainbow), Taiki Kudo (Da-iCE), Toua, Enapi (MUKUENA)

‘Koisuru♥ Shumatsu Homestay 2024 Winter’ (ABEMA)
Episode 1 Air Date & Time: February 6, 2024 at 22:00~
Where to Watch: ABEMA SPECIAL Channel
Episode 1 URL:

[Pure Love Witnesses]
Yui-P (Okazu Club)
Taiki Kudo (Da-iCE)

[Koisuru’s Official Big Brother]
Naoto Ikeda (Rainbow)

[Season MCs]

<Male Members>
Shou (Shou Miyamoto / Sophomore / 16-years-old / From Hokkaido)
Toshiki (Toshiki Kondo / Sophomore / 16-years-old / From Osaka)
Kaira (Kaira Higashino / Junior / 17-years-old / From Osaka)

<Female Members>
Runa (Runa Kawasaki / Sophomore / 17-years-old / From Saitama)
Yayoi (Yayoi Miyagi / Junior / 17-years-old / From Okinawa)
Riano (Rio Nagayasu / Freshman / 15-years-old / From Hyogo)