MIOCHIN, Toua, and FRUITS ZIPPER Named as Ambassadors for Meiji’s ‘Oshi Choco Valentine’ Promotion


Believing that everyone deserves to enjoy chocolate together with their favorite things on Valentine’s Day, Meiji has announced the ‘Oshi Choco Valentine’ promotion. TikTok creator MIOCHIN, YouTuber Toua, and idol group FRUITS ZIPPER have been appointed as Oshi Choco ambassadors.

The special site for the promotion is filled with unique content proposing a new way to celebrate Valentine’s Day–by spending the day appreciating and enjoying your favorite things. Three groups of Oshi Choco ambassadors have been chosen to introduce this year’s special chocolate and videos will be posted soon.

Special Site


A new collaborative music video for the FRUITS ZIPPE song Happy Chocolate has been released.

Watch as the girls enjoy popular sweets while engaging with the #OshiChocolateValentine hashtag!

Special Site