ASOBISYSTEM to Participate in New Idol Project ‘Dark Idol’


ASOBISYSTEM will participate in ‘Dark Idol,’ a new idol project spearheaded by Mikuru Asakura. Auditions opened on January 12, and a special preview episode of a new series tracking the project is now available to stream on AMEBA.

A top fighter in Japan’s premier martial arts event RIZIN, Mikuru Asakura is also a popular YouTube personality with over 4 million subscribers and the producer of BreakingDown, a one-minute martial arts competition. Over the years, he has wowed audiences with his business acumen and his ability to think and create outside the box. Dark Idol was born when Asakura approached ABEMA with a new and novel idea for a female idol project. The fighter has already managed to change the lives of countless men through the BreakingDown project, and after seeing such incredible results, he felt compelled to launch a new initiative to support women and give them second chances. After much deliberation, ABEMA, Mikuru Asakura, and ASOBISYSTEM came together to launch the project as a collective.

ABEMA will follow the idol’s progress in a new show named Dark Idol. Successful contestants will live honestly and openly, and be women who are liked and admired by other women. ASOBISYSTEM will provide full support for the idols who will debut during this project.

Vocal and mental coaching for idol candidates participating in the audition will be provided by AI, a singer-songwriter known for her hit songs Story and Happiness.

Preview Episode #1

Audition Information