ANNIN Begins Auditions for New Generation of Vtubers to Be Active in Both the Virtual and Real World


ANNIN, a joint venture between ASOBISYSTEM and virtual content and IP production company Activ8, has launched a new VTuber project. Auditions are now open for new talents aiming to be active VTubers in the future.

■About the Project

The new project is sponsored by ANNIN, a joint venture between Activ8, the creators of famed VTuber Kizuna Ai, and ASOBISYSTEM, the talent management agency behind major artists like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and FRUITS ZIPPER, who have introduced Japanese pop culture to the world.

The project aims to recruit the next generation of VTubers who will be active in both the virtual world and the real world, performing on real stages in addition to their virtual activities such as posting on social media and uploading videos. ANNIN is looking for all-star candidates who will work to create a new entertainment experience that combines the freedom of virtual expression with real life.

VTuber 2.0 Audition 2023
Successful candidates will receive general support for their activities after their debut, including management, lessons, provision of original models, streaming assistance, and equipment on loan.

Application Period:
November 29, 2023 ~ December 22, 2023

① Must be a female over the age of 15 residing in Japan
② Must be able to stream at least four times a week, post at least four pieces of short content a week, and be active for at least 120 hours per month.
③ Must be able to work for at least one year with the possibility of continuing.
④ Must respect other members and work well with others.
⑤ Must be able to update frequently on social media.
⑥ Must be interested in and motivated by YouTube and VTuber culture.
⑦ Must be willing to engage in activities showing their face.

※If you are currently under contract with another firm or label, please apply after obtaining permission.
※Minors must have the consent of a parent or guardian.

How to Apply:
Please apply by using the special audition site below.

For inquiries:
Please send an email with any questions.

■About ANNIN (Character Talent Agency)

ANNIN aims to launch and support next-gen artists by utilizing virtual humans, avatars, and more. The new venture was started by ASOBISYSTEM, the talent management agency behind major artists like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu who performed at Coachella in April, and Activ8, the creators of Kizuna Ai, a virtual YouTuber with over 10 million fans around the world. The two companies, which have taken the world by storm in real and virtual life, are looking ahead to the age of the Metaverse, aiming to produce the next generation of character talents from Japan who will be active on a global stage.