15 Apiring Idols Join KAWAII LAB. MATES, a New Venture by the Idol Project Behind FRUITS ZIPPER and CANDY TUNE New Groups and Members to Be Announced Soon


KAWAII LAB., a project started by ASOBISYSTEM to introduce Japan’s growing idol culture to the world, has announced the addition of 15 new members as KAWAII LAB. MATES, each aiming to make their idol debut in the near future.

Led by the concept “From Harajuku to the World,” KAWAII LAB. aims to discover, nurture, and produce idols who can be active on the world stage. The project birthed FRUITS ZIPPER, whose song Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro became a massive hit on social media last year and who will perform at Nippon Budokan for the first time next spring, and CANDY TUNE, who recently played a sold-out show at Zepp Shinjuku only six months after their major debut. The project’s producer is Misa Kimura, who has an extensive history as an idol herself.

KAWAII LAB. MATES is the collective name for the next generation of members who will hone their performance skills and further refine their personalities with the aim of making their major idol debut under the KAWAII LAB. banner. The 15 newly-announced members come from many different backgrounds, with some having idol and stage experience and others passing the recent KAWAII LAB. audition held this year, learning to sing and dance for the first time. The official KAWAII LAB. YouTube channel will begin posting behind-the-scenes footage following the growth of the KAWAII LAB. MATES members in the future. The first video was released today ( and covers the artist’s first photo shoot. KAWAII LAB. will continue to hold auditions for new members on a regular basis.

Additionally, the members of KAWAII LAB. MATES chosen to be part of a new group making their debut next year will be announced soon. Follow the official KAWAII LAB. social media channels for more information.

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・Karen Abe / Osaka / Born 2/2/2000
・Riko Imai / Kyoto / Born 11/2/2001
・Miyu Umeda / Kumamoto / Born 9/13/2004
・Ayu Okuda / Fukui / Born 1/7/2001
・Yui Otoi / America・Aichi / Born 1/9/2001
・Emiru Kawamoto / Kanagawa / Born 4/22/2002
・Natsuka Kurita / Kyoto / Born 7/19/2002
・Rise Shiokawa / Yamagata / Born 7/31/2000
・Mayumi Shiraishi / Tokyo / Born 12/27/2000
・Nagisa Shouji / Hokkaido / 10/29/2000
・Ayumi Hashimoto / Tokyo / Born 6/19/2005
・Nagisa Manabe / Kanagawa / Born 6/28/2004
・Ami Morita / Tokyo / Born 2/6/2008
・Mia Yanagawa / Chiba / Born 2/11/2001
・Sakina Yamauchi / Osaka / Born 2/29/2004

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