GAGAN and Mei Nagasawa Jewelry Collaboration Released


Jewelry studio GAGAN has released several items made in collaboration with model and artist Mei Nagasawa. Orders will open on GAGAN’s official e-commerce site starting November 11.

The collection features a unique choker and necklace that can easily be styled together to highlight their three stones. Those purchasing the choker can choose from four natural stones to place in the center: topaz, pink topaz, mystic topaz, or garnet. The mature necklace features a glossy oval gemstone swaying from the lustrous central stone.

The ring leaves ample space around a straight-cut stone for a more impactful appearance. Similar to the choker, customers can choose from topaz, pink topaz, mystic topaz, or garnet. Labradorite is also available exclusively for use in the rings.

All items are available in classic gold (silver925+18kgp), or shiny silver (silver925). The collaboration sought to create products that are more impactful when worn together and to offer items that will remain close to the wearer’s heart.

■Comment from Mei Nagasawa
“I’m so happy to collaborate with GAGAN since I wear their products all the time. When I tried to think of how I’d layer certain jewelry pieces together while keeping a good balance, the theme of ‘Trinity’ came to mind. Balance is so important for human beings and for life itself. Customers can select the gemstones to place into their chokers and rings, so I hope you look forward to finding your favorite.”

<Product Information>

[Necklace] Trinity
Choker: ¥28,000 (Excluding tax)
Necklace: ¥38,000 (Excluding tax)

[Ring] Tie
Ring: ¥28,000 (Excluding tax)

Order Period:
November 11, 2023 at 11:11~ *End date undecided

Where to Buy:
GAGAN’s Official E-commerce Site

‘GAGAN’ is the Hindi word for sky.
The sky’s expression changes in countless ways.
Each piece of jewelry we create resonates with the wearer’s individuality and their best moments. Our designers pour their identities into pure creation, almost as if keeping a diary through their masterpieces.
Please enjoy these precious pieces of art, created entirely within our studio from start to finish.