Natsuki Kawanishi’s EP ‘Magic Hour’ to Release in November, New Song ‘Taiyou to Kimi (September)’ to Stream in Advance


Taiyou to Kimi (September) Jacket


Singer-songwriter Natsuki Kawanishi will release her latest EP, Magic Hour, on November 8. Ahead of its release, the new song Taiyou to Kimi (September) has been released on streaming platforms.

The EP will feature five songs: Taiyou to Kimi (September), which is now available to stream; Waratte Iyouyou (Just The Way You Are), originally released in August as the theme song for the short drama and anime series Shinya Yuuki Exposed at Night ~The Dark Secrets of a Counselor for the Families of Murder Victims~, inspired by popular postings on Puri Shosetsu byGMO; Tokyo, Kimi no Machi (Wherever You Are), and Tsuki no Blanco (Swinging On The Moon). The EP will be released in two forms, Type A and Type B, each with a different jacket.

Taiyou to Kimi (September), available to stream now, is an exhilarating song about a brief summer love featuring Kawanishi’s typical realism.

Starting in 2022, the artist performed weekly on a street in her hometown in Kansai, causing a stir on social media and earning her over 320,000 followers. This year, she moved her base of activities to Tokyo and began her career as a singer-songwriter in earnest.

[Comment from Natsuki Kawanishi]
“I wrote this song in the hope that it would remind people of how their love began, and make them nostalgic for past loves. The ephemeral nature of a fleeting summer romance inspired this piece–the thrill of being alone with that special someone, the excitement of seeing them for the first time, seeing their quirks, the way your chest tightens. I hope this song will always stay close to you during your life and loves.”


Launch events will be held to commemorate the EP’s release.
Each mini-concert will be free to the public, so all are welcome to come and enjoy!
More details will be announced on Natsuki Kawanishi’s website as they become available.

<EP Release Information>
Magic Hour  – Natsuki Kawanishi (EP)
Release Date: November 8, 2023


■-Type A-

■-Type A-
M1.  Just The Way You Are (Waratte Iyouyo)
M2. September (Taiyou to Kimi)
M3. Tokyo
M4. Wherever You Are (Kimi no Machi)
M5. Swinging On The Moon (Tsuki no Blanco)

■-Type B-

■-Type B-
M1.  Just The Way You Are (Waratte Iyouyo)
M2. September (Taiyou to Kimi)
M3. Tokyo
M4. Wherever You Are (Kimi no Machi)
M5. Swinging On The Moon (Tsuki no Blanco)


<Prereleased Song Information>
Taiyou to Kimi (September) – Natsuki Kawanishi (Digital Single)
Release Date: October 13, 2023
Streaming URL:
Available on all major music download and streaming sites


<Solo Concert Information>
Natsuki Kawanishi ONE MAN SHOW “SPOTLIGHT”

■Tokyo Concert
Date/Time: December 3, 2023 / Doors open 12:00, Show Starts 13:00
Venue: Spotify O-WEST
Admission: Preorder Standing ¥3,000 (Tax Included / Drinks Separate), Day-of Standing ¥3,500 (Tax Included / Drinks Separate)
Info: HOT STUFF PROMOTION 050-5211-6077 (Weekdays 12:00〜18:00)

Tickets now on sale!

■Osaka Concert
Date/Time: December 16, 2023 / Doors open 17:00 / Show Starts 18:00
Venue: Matsushita IMP Hall
Admission: Preorder Reserved Seat ¥4,000 (Tax Included), Day-of Reserved Seat ¥4,500 (Tax Included)
Info: Kyodo Information 0570-200-888 (11:00~18:00 *Excluding Sundays and holidays)

Tickets now on sale!


<Magic Hour ni Tokete EP Release Events>

① Date: November 8, 2023
Venue: Village Vanguard + PLUS (AEON Lake Town mori) Event Space
Start: 18:00 (Doors open 17:45)
Contents: Mini concert, bonuses
*Admission to the mini-concert will be open to all starting at 17:50.

②Date: November 18, 2023
Venue: Osaka

③Date: November 19, 2023
Venue: Nagoya

④Date: November 21, 2023
Venue: Saitama

⑤Date: November 27, 2023
Venue: Kanagawa

⑥Date: November 29, 2023
Venue: Tokyo

⑦Date: December 7, 2023
Start: 18:00 (Doors open 17:45)
Venue: Aeon Mall Kashihara 1F Sunshine Court
Contents: Mini concert, bonuses
*The mini-concert will be open to everyone.

⑧Date: December 9, 2023
Venue: Kyoto

⑨Date: December 10, 2023
Venue: Osaka

Details of each event will be announced on Natsuki Kawanishi’s official website.