CAPSULE Live in VRChat ‘METRO PULSE’ Nominated for Raindance Film Festival


On August 5, 2023, CAPSULE held its virtual live, CAPSULE Live in VRChat ‘METRO PULSE.’ The performance received an incredible response, prompting it to be nominated in the Best Immersive Music Experience category in the Raindance Film Festival’s Raindance Immersive category. The event is one of the largest film festivals in Europe.

Virtual Live Performance (Photo: BUSSAN)

■About the Raindance Film Festival (Raindance Immersive)

The Raindance Film Festival is one of Europe’s largest independent film festivals. The event started in London 31 years ago and is known for discovering new talent, with past festivals including the UK premieres of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (1994) and Christopher Nolan’s Memento (2000).

The Raindance Immersive category was introduced in 2016, honoring the world’s largest XR productions. The event focuses on virtual reality experiences from around the world, selecting outstanding programs from all genres including storytelling, games, animation, art, music, theater, and more.

CAPSULE Live in VRChat ‘METRO PULSE’ is nominated for Best Immersive Music Experience, a category established this year to honor the most outstanding musical experience or performance utilizing XR technology.

The Raindance Immersive Virtual Festival, a Raindance Immersive Program event, will be held on VRChat beginning November 4. To see other nominated films and event details, visit the official website below.

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CAPSULE Live in VRChat ‘METRO PULSE’ invited guests to a virtual world that transcended the limitations of reality, where CAPSULE shared the heart of their latest Synth Wave X City Pop album METRO PULSE. This incredible opportunity allowed fans to experience the duo’s music in a new way. The members of CAPSULE are leading figures in the Japanese electro scene with a large global fan base.

The overall production of this live performance was handled by ANNIN, a joint production of Activ8, the company behind the legendary VTuber Kizuna AI, and ASOBISYSTEM. Additionally, the concert was produced by ReeznD, who has experience in live-action music videos and XR live performances. Kinu, who previously performed at the SANRIO Virtual Festival, supervised the production.
When the live show premiered on August 5, 2023, approximately 1,200 people from around the world were in attendance. Excitement persisted even after the show, especially on social media.

For more information about the live concert, see the live report below.

<Live Report (External Article)>
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■About the Virtual Live Venue

The venue for the virtual concert was CAPSULE HOUSE, a special world in VRChat. The CAPSULE HOUSE appeared in the music video for Virtual Freedom and was fully recreated with unique gimmicks scattered throughout. CAPSULE HOUSE is now a world that is always open to the public on VRChat.

World URL


Final Performance to be Held

To commemorate our nomination for the Raindance Film Festival, we are pleased to announce the final performance of our virtual concert. For more details, see the overview below.