FRUITS ZIPPER Announces First Arena Live Show at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium this Fall


On June 26, FRUITS ZIPPER held a one-man live performance at the “Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival,” marking the culmination of Nakano Sunplaza’s rich history as it undergoes a fresh transformation in honor of its 50th anniversary this year.

With the opening SE playing, laser beams filled the venue, creating an atmosphere brimming with anticipation as the live performance kicked off with “Sekaiwa Kimikara Hajimaru.” Popular upbeat songs like “Kanpeki Shugide☆,” “Cho Medetai Song – Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana?-” and “Fure Furu Summer!” followed, captivating the audience from the beginning and keeping the excitement alive.

During the MC segment, it was announced that their hit song “Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro,” which garnered a staggering 800 million views on TikTok and surpassed 12 million views on the music video since its digital release last year, would be released as the group’s first-ever CD single in this September. The announcement of the release consisting of a first-press limited edition, regular edition, and member edition featuring solo jacket designs for each member, heightened the excitement of the audience even further. With smiles on their faces, the group delivered an outstanding performance of all 14 songs, bringing the live show to a close.

As the encore calls echoed through the venue, a sudden news program-style video began playing on the screen, and the expressions of the members reflected a sense of nervousness. Within the homage-like footage resembling the moment of the Olympic host city announcement, it was revealed that the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium had been chosen as the venue for the grand finale of their nationwide tour in this fall. Suzuka Chinzei expressed, “Having the opportunity to perform in such a large venue in our second year since debut is an amazing challenge, and we were able to make this decision because of all of you being here. We will train together as a group leading up to this day, so please stay excited!” The audience responded with warm applause to her heartfelt words.

During the encore, they unveiled their new song “Pure In the World,” which is sure to become a new staple that energizes their live performances. The song was produced by Tamaya2060% from Wienners. At the finale of the event, which was filled with “super celebratory” announcements for both fans and members, they performed “Cho Medetai Song -Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana-?” once again. The audience joined in with loud handclaps and responded to Luna Nakagawa’s shout of “FRUITS ZIPPER Arena Live Show!” with chants of “Congratulations!” The entire venue came together as one, closing the curtain on a memorable night.

FRUITS ZIPPER will kick off their first nationwide tour in September. The pre-sale of tickets for the tour finale at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium has begun and will run until July 3.

[Tour Information]
Date: October 28, 2023
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
Time: Doors 16:00/ Starts 17:30
*Please note that there will be no meet-and-greet session on the day.

[Ticket Information]
-VIP Standing: ¥16,500 (Tax included) *Exclusive to FC members / Up to 2 tickets per application.
-General Arena Reserved Seat: ¥8,000 (Tax included) *Up to 4 tickets per application.
-Reserved Stand Seat: ¥5,500 (Tax included) *Up to 4 tickets per application.

▼VIP Ticket Benefits
-Reserved seating in the front section.
– Commemorative merch gift.
-Original electronic ticket.

[Ticket Pre-Sale Information]
Application Period: 6/26 at 21:00 – 7/3 at 23:59

Application Period: 6/26 at 21:00 – 7/3 at 23:59


For the latest tour information, check here:

[Release Overview]
FRUITS ZIPPER 1st Single CD “Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro”
Release Date: September 13, 2023

Limited Edition [CD]: ¥3,000 (Tax included)
Regular Edition [CD]: ¥1,200 (Tax included)
Member Edition [CD/7 versions]: ¥1,200 (Tax included)


Limited Edition (The Cutest Packaging)
M1. Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro
M2. Pure In the World
M3. Zutto, zutto, zutto!
M4. Cho Medetai Song -Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana?-
Bonus: Music Video DVD

Member Editions (Member Solo Jacket)
M1. Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro
M2. Pure In the World
M3. Limited Edition Songs for Each Member Edition *
M4. Cho Medetai Song -Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana?-

Suzuka Chinzei Edition: “skyfeelan”
Luna Nakagawa Edition: “Kanpeki Shugide☆”
Amane Tsukiashi Edition: “Re→TRY & FLY”
Karen Matsumoto Edition: “Happy Chocolate”
Noel Hayase Edition: “RADIO GALAXY”
Yui Sakurai Edition: “Sekaiwa Kimikara Hajimaru”
Mana Manaka Edition: “Furefuru Summer!”

The schedule for in-store events will be announced on FRUITS ZIPPER’s official SNS channels.

■Regular Edition
M1. Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro
M2. Pure In the World
M3. Cho Medetai Song -Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana?-
M4. Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro (Instrumental)
M5. Pure In the World (Instrumental)
M6. Cho Medetai Song -Konnani Shiawasede Iinokana?- (Instrumental)