Atarashii Gakko! Collaborates with Rohto Pharmaceuticals on Youth Support Project


Rohto Pharmaceuticals has teamed up with the popular group Atarashii Gakko! to launch a new cross-brand youth support project for Gen Z titled MOTTO MOTTO MOTTO / Want More, Get More.

For the first step of the new project, an original collaboration video was released that incorporates both the things that young people want and Rohto products in the lyrics. Trackmaker SASUKE appears as the male student in the video, and the members of Atarashii Gakko! support young people saying what they want to say as they live happy everyday lives.

The project aims to convey a powerful message, and through the new song, both Rohto and the members of Atarashii Gakko! want to remind young people to reach for their dreams without hesitation while not being afraid to try new things. The song itself is catchy, so be sure to give it a listen!

<Interview with Atarashii Gakko!>

Hello, everyone! We’re Atarashii Gakko!, and we stand for individuality, freedom, and chasing after what you want!


Q. Tell us about something greedy you did when you were a student.

SUZUKA: I confessed to everyone I fell in love with in middle school.

Group: What–! That’s insane! How did you confess?

SUZUKA: I wrote letters, I sent LINE messages…but not all of those were received well. (Laugh) But when I like someone, I can’t help but want to tell them! My sister told me that it was too outspoken like that, men would run away from me, but is that true? (Laugh)

RIN: I was super greedy when it came to school lunch!

Group: CUTE!

RIN: Anyway, I looked so forward to lunch every day, I just wouldn’t want it to end.

KANON: You’re still like that now! (The members laugh)

RIN: It was like, since we were having certain foods on certain days, I wanted seconds of everything while I could get them. I’d eat what I could get myself, and then if someone didn’t want theirs, they’d give it to me and I’d eat all of it.

Q. What’s something you’ve started doing lately?

KANON: I keep a record of what I spend each day. I couldn’t keep up with it when I wrote it by hand, so I use an app on my phone. Even if I spend a tiny amount at the convenience store, I track it. That way, I see if I stuck to my budget or if I was too greedy.

SUZUKA: I couldn’t do that! I just keep track of what I spend internally. It’s like having an internal metronome.

KANON: An internal metronome? I’ve never heard of this. (Laugh)

MIZYU: I’ve just started trying to breakdance! I’ve started watching YouTube videos lately and I’ve had friends tell me about it, so I thought I’d ask if they’d join me in the studio.

SUZUKA: Well, those dance moves will start popping up in our choreo. Maybe we pause for a breakdance performance, you can have the spotlight for five minutes. (Laugh)

Group: That’s so long! (Laugh)


Q. What Rohto products have you used?

Group: A ton!

MIZYU: Their face wash and eye drops!

RIN: I use their Mentholatum Repair One Lip Balm.

SUZUKA: I use their Gokujun All-in-One.

Group: We use a ton of their products, and we’re so thankful.

SUZUKA: I use the Gokujun gel every day.

RIN: I was browsing the website and I realized “oh, that’s what my mom would buy when my skin was itchy!” I didn’t realize how many Rohto products I’ve used!

SUZUKA: That’s why when we were approached for the collab, I was so excited. I didn’t realize how many products Rohto made; I use so many of them in my daily life. I’m super thankful.

MIZYU: You were a huge Rohto supporter without even realizing it.

KANON: I feel like they’ve really taken care of me for a while.


Q. What were your impressions after the shoot?

SUZUKA: We were in the same pose for about an hour and a half. (Laugh) They were shooting from above, so everyone was trying to balance and we constantly felt like we were going to lose our footing.

RIN: But the result was an incredibly awesome and very greedy photo.

SUZUKA: You were too greedy with what you had on the desk!

MIZYU: SUZUKA had a rice ball that was bigger than her face. (Laugh)

SUZUKA: I used enough for three rice balls and it was way too heavy. I had to hold it for an hour and a half so my arm is sore now. (Laugh) I’m getting rice ball vibrations.


Q. Give a message to the viewers.

MIZYU: If there’s something you want, go and get it now!

RIN: Before you lose sight of what you want, push forward with all your might and rush after it!

SUZUKA: Forgive yourself for being a little greedy sometimes!

KANON: It’s okay to be greedy!

Group: Want More, Get More! MOTTO MOTTO MOTTO! This has been Atarashii Gakko! Bow! School’s over!