MANON Releases aura, the Second of Four Consecutive Monthly Releases


Fans can now listen to aura, the new song by MANON and the second of four consecutive monthly releases.

This song was co-written with trackmaker kiraku, who also worked on her previous track. Inspired by MANON’s pink hair, the song conjures an image of a fragile yet strong aura, and is meant sung with the person you admire in mind.

The artwork was done by 3DCG artist AsahiNa, who was personally invited to work on the project by MANON herself. The logo was done by Mark Robinson, who also worked on the previous project.

<Comment from MANON>

aura, the second of four consecutive monthly releases, is here.
This song is a continuation of the previous song with trackmaker kiraku, and when she produced it, she was inspired by the color pink since my hair color is currently pink.
When I hear this song I kind of think of pink and light blue. I titled it aura because it really does feel like you’re surrounded by something unseen.
I sang about someone I admire so much that I wish I could be them.
This unnamed person has a fragile but strong aura and I’m sure that everyone has someone like that in their life, so I hope you’ll listen to this one!
The logo is by Mark Robinson and the artwork is by AsahiNa, who I’ve always wanted to work with. I thought AsahiNa’s work was a perfect fit for aura’s image!

I hope you enjoy it! ^_^”

aura – MANON (Digital Single)
Release Date: November 25, 2022
Lyrics: MANON / Prod.: kiraku

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