MANON and yonkey Participate in ‘New Cover produced by Uta no New Top 10’


MANON and yonkey appear on the new album New Cover produced by Uta no New Top 10. The cover album was released on November 6 and is available to steam or download.

The album contains a selection of songs performed on Uta no New Top 10, a music variety show highlighting popular tracks from decades past. Each classic track is ranked by people in their teens and 20s and are then covered by currently popular artists.

MANON sang a rearrangement of Finger 5’s 1873 song Koi no Dial 6700, transforming it into a hyperpop track. yonkey provided new arrangements of Seiko Matsuda’s Aoi Sangoshou and Off Course’s Sayonara for Angerme’s Moe Kamikokuryo and Sonoko Inoue, respectively.

New Cover produced by Uta no New Top 10
Streaming: November 6, 2022

Featured Songs
TR1: Koi no Dial 6700 / MANON
TR2: Aoi Sangoshou / Moe Kamikokuryo (Angerme) (Arrangement: yonkey) *Download service exclusive
TR3: Sayonara / Sonoko Inoue (Production: yonkey)
TR4: Christmas Eve / KAF