Hase-dera Temple in Nara to Collaborate with the Global Metaverse


Hase-dera Temple in Sakurai, Nara is the main temple of the Buzan sect of Shingon Buddhism. In collaboration with ASOBISYSTEM and MetaTokyo , the temple will take part in an exciting experiment to share Japanese culture with the world using the Decentraland Metaverse platform.

The MetaTokyo area in Decentraland will invite guests from around the world to experience Shomyo, a traditional Buddhist chant. The screening will be shown in a massive dome, a departure from the recent reproductions of towns and cities in the Metaverse. This unrealistic space is unique to the Metaverse, and it’s something many will never forget.

Through this demonstration, the companies hope to find new possibilities to share Japanese culture and Buddhism to the world. Hopefully, the Metaverse will continue to expand, and even more powerful collaborations will be announced.


<Event Outline>
Start Date: September 30, 2022
Venue: MetaTokyo area in Decentraland Metaverse Platform
Cost: Free

Link to MetaTokyo Area,-35
*Only supported on Chrome on PC By clicking ‘play as guest,’ visitors can experience the show without a wallet.
*Some restrictions apply

■About Hase-dera
Located in Sakurai, Nara, Hase-dera is the main temple of the Buzan sect of Shingon Buddhism. The location houses a number of Important Cultural Properties, including the statue of the Eleven Faced Kannon, one of the largest wooden Buddhas in Japan at approximately 10 meters. The Staircase is made up of 399 stone steps, illuminated by an oval-shaped lantern. Hase-dera is also known as the Flower Temple for its incredible foliage–over 700 Chinese peonies line the staircase in spring.

■About Shomyo
Shomyo is a style of Japanese Buddhist chant. The Buzan Shomyo is the chant found at Hase-dera and has a long history, originating from China at the beginning of the 9th century. The Daihannya Tendoku Hoyo is solemn and dynamic, composed of three types of shomyo–reading, speaking, and singing. This fully demonstrates the unique characteristics of the Buzan Shomyo.

■About MetaTokyo
By combining the Metaverse and NFTs with Japan’s unique culture and entertainment landscape, MetaTokyo is collaborating with popular IPs, brands, and local governments throughout Japan and abroad to share our digital culture with the world. MetaTokyo hosts music and entertainment festivals, offer live venues, collaborate with IPs, and work with digital fashion creators within the Metaverse.

For inquiries about the collaboration and Metaverse projects, click here.

■About Decentraland
Decentraland is a decentralized virtual social platform on the Ethereum blockchain. Within the Decentraland platform, users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications. The platform is unique in that it is owned and managed by the people using it every day. Through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), users can submit proposals and vote for the owners of MANA (Decentraland’s currency) and LAND (Decentraland’s property).