Ryo Ogata to Appear in papercraft Theater Troupe’s Performance of ‘Sekai ga Asa wo Shiroutomo’


Ryo Ogata has been selected to appear in the papercraft theater troupe’s performance of Sekai ga Asa wo Shiroutomo (Though the World May Know Morning). The troupe is led by Miro.

This is the troupe’s first omnibus work, with three episodes set in a certain love hotel. The story revolves around a man and a woman, a couple of friends, and a certain woman “until morning.”

■papercraft Theater Troupe’s 7th Performance, Sekai ga Asa wo Shiroutomo
Composition / Production: Miro
Venue: Sumida Park Gallery SASAYA
Tickets: Preordered ¥4,500 (Tax Included) / Day-of ¥5,000 (Tax Included)

[Team A]
Yuuka Maeda ($4.50 Theater Company), Ryo Ogata, Himawari Inoue, Mikuri Kiyota

[Team B]
Nozomi Hanayagi, Kenya Nakao, Wataru Monma, Kengo Hata
Rina Kado (Bulldocking Headlock) *Both teams

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