Ray-Van X’mas Party Special!!

Ray-Van X’mas Party Special!!

Ray-Van X’mas Party Special!!



今回はRay-Van「X’mas Party Special!!!」として開催!!

2、入場時にクリスマスカラーで色分けした「光る」リストバンドを配布!「赤 – 恋人募集」「緑 – 飲みに来た / 踊りに来た」「白 – 友達募集」
5、Dragon Ash 桜井誠による桜井食堂のフードブース有り!

FLOOR LINE UPには、スクラッチ、2枚使いを交えた独特のELECTRO/DISCOミックスで定評のあるDJ、PRODUCE WORKでも活動中の副島ショーゴ、縦ノリを追求した雑食Technoを響かせるFumihiko Chiba、説明不要のモンスターバンドDragon AshからSAKURAI MAKOTO、block.fmや都内各パーティーで大・大・大活躍中のTakeru John Otoguro、彼らを中心に、今最も旬なDJ陣が渋谷clubasiaに集結。良質なダンスミュージックをお届けする“Ray-Van” お見逃し無く!!

“Ray-Van” is a party that every 3rd Friday in club Asia.
Every single grateful party we invite the big star who play in various stages!
And from the Tokyo, they make the best atmosphere with good dance music from open to close!

Check out our Ray-Van’s X’mas Party Special value!!!

1, If you wear the Santa Claus’s costume, you will get a discount!
2, When you get the entrance, we will give you Christmas colour of wrist bands.Each colour of bands have meaning.(Red is I’m free) (Green is came for dancing)(White is wants to get new friends)
3, We sale the Santa Claus’s costume!!! The item is limited quantity.
4, Man’s travelers discount (Passport certification only)
5, “Sakurai Shokudou” foodservice by Makoto Sakurai from Dragon Ash.

so now we will introduce our regular DJs in Ray-Van!
Shogo Soejima is a scratch DJ that using two records and play unique ELECTRO/DISCO sound!!
Fumihiko Chiba is a Techno DJ he investigate a head-banging rhythm!
SAKURAI MAKORO from Dragon Ash!!
Takeru Jhon Otoguro, he plays in block.fm and many many parties in Tokyo!

So don’t miss out our great party Ray-Van!!