The idol group CANDY TUNE consists of seven members: Rino Fukuyama, Mizuki Kirihara, Natsu Minami, Nanako Ogawa, Bibian Murakawa, Shizuka Miyano, and Kotomi Tachibana.

The group was formed by the KAWAII LAB project, started by ASOBISYSTEM to promote Japanese idol culture around the world. CANDY TUNE will make its debut in March 2023.

Just like candy, which comes in tons of different flavors and shapes, the members will bring their own unique personalities and quirks to their pop tunes as they carry on KAWAII LAB’s mission of sharing Harajuku style with the world.


  • Bibian Murakawa
  • Mizuki Kirihara
  • Rino Fukuyama
  • Nanako Ogawa
  • Natsu Minami
  • Shizuka Miyano,
  • Kotomi Tachibana