Natsume Mito to Star in ‘Kuchibue’ Stage Play


Natsume Mito will play Shigeko Funamura in the stage play Kuchibue (Whistling), scheduled to be performed at Theater Alpha Tokyo starting on July 23.

This is the latest production of Kuchibue, written by Takayuki Takuma, who runs the popular Takufes and Takulabo. It is being directed by Taka Oyabu, who has appeared in many of Takuma’s works. The Tokyo Seleccion DX theater company first performed the show in 2002 and again in 2005, and the shocking work has not been performed since.

<Comment from the original author, Takayuki Takuma>
“Although writing is not my true passion, when I first started writing a book of plays, I wrote Whistle with the idea of writing a work similar to a French film, filled with both beauty and cruelty that would leave the audience unable to stand up at the end.
This was around the fifth play I had written, and it was the first one that I felt good about.

in a way, I think the beautiful bad ending served to claw at the audience’s heart as I had intended.
I think it shakes people in different ways. At the same time, I remember that many resented that it was impossible. Since then, I’ve stopped writing true bad endings. This work has not been performed since 2005.

This is a very problematic work. It’s a work I was confident in that had been sealed away. This work is not for everyone.
It seems that some people wanted to see a play like this again.
We quickly raised our hands and said that we wanted to do it ourselves.
I was very happy, but also very anxious.
This work that I decided not to do again…prepare yourself for it and enjoy.”

<Comment from Natsume Mito (Shigeko Funamura)>
“I’m very happy to be starring in Whistling. While it’s a bit stressful to be performing something that hasn’t appeared on stage since 2005, I’ll do my best to bring the audience a truly heartrending summer. I’ll see you at the theater!”

Kuchibue  (Stage Play)
Dates: July 23 – July 28, 2024
Venue: Theater Alpha Tokyo

Original Work: Takayuki Takuma
Director: Taka Oyabu

Hisashi Murata, Taka Oyabu, Tomoki Iwata, Marin Takeuchi, Momoka Jewel, Katsunori Imai, Leon Kirita, Hayato Kikuchi, Wataru Eguchi, Mayuko Saigou, Aika Fujikake, Rui Sakiyama, Natsume Mito

S Seating: ¥8,500 (First two rows) / A Seating: ¥7,500
The starting date for ticket sales will be announced on the official X page (@spc_stage)

Shinkichi Akagi runs an auto body shop with his younger brother after the death of their parents, the two living in an underpopulated village far from Tokyo that is suffering from a shortage of wives. He’s also the former leader of a motorcycle gang! He suddenly receives an arranged marriage offer, and due to the woman’s schedule, Shiori and her father, Hachiro, visit the Akagi family on short notice. Understandably, the people around Shinkichi are thrown into a panic.
Even amid this chaos, everyone gasps when they see Shiori.
“This beautiful girl is too good for Shinkichi.” Hachiro, however, quickly reveals his true feelings to Shinkichi’s aunt Kiyomi.
“I’m honestly very opposed to this marriage.”

Despite his father’s wishes, Shiori and Shinkichi quickly become close friends. Strangely, the girl is unusually aggressive towards Shinkichi, and soon, the shocking news rolls in. “Shoko…Shoko is back!” Ten years ago, Shinkichi and Shoko had promised to share a future together, but Shoko followed her dream, going to study in Tokyo after graduating high school.
Shinkichi is caught in the middle. Why is Shiori so assertive with him, and why is Shoko back after a decade…?