SWEET STEADY Successfully Holds First Solo Concert at EX THEATER ROPPONGI Three Months After Debut


Idol group SWEET STEADY held its first solo concert, SWEET STEADY 1st Solo Concert -Hajimari no Aizu-, at EX THEATER ROPPONGI on June 9.

SWEET STEADY consists of eight members: Ayu Okuda, Yui Otoi, Natsuka Kurita, Rise Shiokawa, Mayumi Shiraishi, Nagisa Shoji, Mia Yanagawa, and Sakina Yamauchi. The group was created by ASOBISYSTEM’s KAWAII LAB., a project aiming to introduce Japanese idol culture to the world. The group’s name, SWEET STEADY, is inspired by the hope that these sweet girls, like a bouquet of colorful flowers, will steadily grow step by step through their idol experiences.

This girl’s first solo show was announced at their debut live concert held three months ago, and the venue was filled with excitement before the show began as legions of fans came to see the girls perform on their big day.

Encouraged by the fan’s expectations, SWEET STEADY took the stage in their new costumes covered in flower petals. “Thank you so much for coming today! Let’s have fun until the very end,” Shiraishi called out to the audience. Immediately after, the girls began with Hajimari no Aizu, their first song and the title of the show. SWEET STEDY gave a cute yet powerful performance, starting the concert with tons of youthful energy.

Keeping up the momentum, the group performed two new songs: Onegai Pentasu and Wagamama. The first song features summer-inspired lyrics and silly dance moves that make fans want to impersonate them, while Wagamama is a cool number packed with dialogue and a powerful message: “I want to live my life as my true self, with my whole heart.” The new songs, both cute and cool with a transformative charm that is typical of SWEET STEADY, instantly touched the hearts of the fans.

During the MC, Shiokawa spoke to the audience. “Will you stay with SWEET STEADY forever?” The fans responded with loud cheers as the members also announced that the new name for SWEET STEADY fans had been chosen to be ‘Sweedy,’ a fitting title for the dedicated people in the audience.

Now fully charged up, the audience was treated to the surprise first performance of Pajama Party!, the group’s sixth single and third new song of the concert. Thrilled to be the first people to hear the addictive idol dance tune, the fans didn’t want things to end. Sadly, all good things must come to a close, and the group’s final song, Magic of the Heart, captivated the audience and ended things on a high note.

It didn’t take long for the audience to beg for an encore, calling the members back to the stage. “SWEET STEADY would like to make a big bouquet with all of you, so please keep cheering us on,” Otoi said. Although Pajama Party! had just been performed, the girls performed it again, this time allowing the fans to record video. Footage of the members’ adorable dance moves has begun to appear all over social media.

The group’s final song was Hajimari no Aizu, also the first song of the concert. Penlights shimmered around the venue, bright and colorful like a field of flowers, as fans seemed to congratulate the girls who have worked their hardest over the past few months. “I’ll hold onto this dream that belongs to me and no one else.” This lyric from the song is at the heart of SWEET STEADY’s success, and the concert ended with massive applause, proving that this sentiment will take the girls far. The girls were all smiles and the fans in the audience regarded them with smiles on their faces as well.

Despite only being active for three months, SWEET STEADY successfully held their first solo concert at EX THEATER ROPPONGI. We can’t wait to see what these girls will achieve both in Japan and around the world as they continue to learn and grow.

The newest song from SWEET STEADY, Pajama Party!, was released on June 10. The music video will premiere on June 18.

Ayu Okuda


Yui Otoi


Natsuka Kurita


Rise Shiokawa


Mayumi Shiraishi


Nagisa Shoji


Mia Yanagawa


Sakina Yamauchi


[Set List]
M01 Hajimari no Aizu
M02 Sweet Cafe
M03 Onegai Pentasu
M04 Call me, Tell me
M05 Wagamama
M06 Michishirube
M07 Nantene!
M08 Pajama Party!
M09 Magic of the Heart

M10 Pajama Party!
M11 Nantene!
M12 Hajimari no Aizu

PHOTO:Yuuna Yoshimori

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Pajama Party! – SWEET STEADY (6th Digital Single)
Release Date: June 10, 2024
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Pajama Party! MV Teaser