Aoi Utano to Appear in TBS Drama Stream’s ‘Sacchan, Boku wa.’


Starting on June 11, Utano Aoi will star in Sacchan, Boku wa, which will air on TBS’s late-night drama slot, Drama Stream.

The series is a live-action adaptation of the manga of the same name by Iori Asaga, which has attracted attention for its radical content. Telling a story of love and destruction beginning with a terrible betrayal, the tale follows the warped love of university student Kyosuke Katagiri, his girlfriend Sachi whom he left behind in their hometown, Shino, a married woman who lives next door, and her husband Kaname.

Utano will play Ayaka Yamada, Sachi’s college classmate.

<Comment from Utano Aoi>
“When I was chosen to play Ayaka Yamada and I read both the original story and the drama’s script, I felt that I needed to support Sacchan as a friend. All of the character’s feelings get really intertwined in this work, and my character is the typical nosy friend.I hope everyone can enjoy how many types of love appear in the show, including friendship!”

Kyosuke Katagiri (Keito Kimura), who moved to Tokyo from the countryside to attend college, is in a long-distance relationship with Sachi Oyamanai (Hirano Nakayama), also called ‘Sa-chan.’ However, after meeting her by chance, Kyosuke ends up starting a physical relationship with Shino Kunikida (Ren Ishikawa), a married woman who lives next door.
This series of immoral actions makes it impossible to sympathize at all with Kyosuke’s way of dealing with the two women, but this also makes it a very addictive and immoral love story. Will Kyosuke, a man who doesn’t understand love, choose his girlfriend back at home or a married woman in the city? How could he begin this terrible affair?

Sacchan, Boku wa. (TBS Drama Stream)
Original Work: Sacchan, Boku wa by Iori Asaga (Published by Shueisha Jump Comics)
Script: Rieko Obayashi, Saki Kuniyoshi
Producers: Nanaka Hakomori, Nene Kumada
Streaming Producers: Ayana Saitou, Kaori Sugiyama
Directors: Izuru Kumasaka, Miki Tomita, Noriki Kosuge

Broadcast Information:
Starting June 11, 2024 at 11:56
Airing Tuesdays from 11:56~12:26
*Broadcast time may differ depending on the date of broadcast. May exclude some areas.
Following the terrestrial broadcast, the show will be available on TVer and TBS FREE for one week free of charge.

Airing on Netflix starting June 4 (Only in Japan)
Following this, the series will be streamed in other countries.

Keito Kimura (FANTASTICS)
Hirano Nakayama
Ren Ishikawa
Hina Higuchi
Rin Nose
Taketo Tanaka
Riku Hirano
Him Hyunyul (Hi-Fi Un!corn)
Um Taemin (Hi-Fi Un!corn)
Utano Aoi
Dori Sakurada

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