CANDY TUNE Successfully Completes First Anniversary Tour, Announces 1st Single CD ‘Kiss Me Patissier’ to be Released This Summer


On April 27, CANDY TUNE concluded its first-anniversary tour with a performance at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo. During the group’s final performance, it was announced that Kiss Me Patissier, CANDY TUNE’s first single CD, would be released this summer.

The group’s first-anniversary tour, which took them to Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka starting on March 16, concluded on April 27 at Tokyo’s Toyosu PIT. During the finale, the girls performed a total of 16 songs, including Kiss Me Patissier, Hissatsu Azato Pose, and their new song Baibai FIGHT! released on April 24.

For the encore, CANDY TUNE performed the song Etcetera LOVE YOU for the first time, written by Naoki Kubo, who has provided music for the group since its debut. After the performance, producer Misa Kimura appeared on stage and made a surprise announcement that the group’s first single CD Kiss Me Patissier would be released this summer. “I think a lot of people learned about CANDY TUNE through Kiss Me Patissier, so I’ll do my best to make the song even more exciting during our second year. From Harajuku to the world,” said member Nanako Ogawa. To close the show, member Mizuki Kirihara also shared a message with fans.

“Thanks to all the people present at the event, we were able to perform at Toyosu PIT on our first anniversary, which was our goal since before our debut. We’ll continue to wrap our love and kindness around all the Ame-chan (the fans’ nickname) and keep playing our pop melodies in our second year. All seven of us love you all for coming here. Thank you so much for coming today.”

Kiss Me Patissier was first released in March of last year on CANDY TUNE’s first digital album. Produced by Naoki Kubo and featuring lyrics by SILENT SIREN’s Suu, the song’s cute choreography became incredibly popular on TikTok. Now the representative song of the group, it has become incredibly beloved by fans and will be the main track on the upcoming single CD.

On the same day, CANDY TUNE’s fan club was established and began accepting membership applications.

OP Overture
M02 Cu-Cu-Cu-Cute
M03 WAO! Aoharu!
M04 Kiss Me Patissier
M05 Mikan na Seishun
M07 Twilight Dilemma
M08 Nanairo Prologue
M09 Arigato
M10 Sonaeareba Moumantai (G.R.W.M.)
M12 Hissatsu Azato Pose
M13 hanamaru

M14 Etcetera I LOVE YOU
M15 Nanairo Prologue
M16 Kiss Me Patissier

<Release Information>
Kiss Me Patissier – CANDY TUNE (1st Single CD)
Scheduled to release this summer
For more details, keep an eye on the official CANDY TUNE website.

<Tour Information>

Date: March 16, 2024
Venue: Nagoya ReNY limited

Date: March 23, 2024
Venue: Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS

Date: March 31, 2024
Venue: Osaka Umeda TRAD

Date: April 27, 2023
Venue: Tokyo Toyosu PIT