Yutaro to Star in Upcoming Film ‘Rookie Reporter Torokko: Watashiga Yaraneba Darega Yaru!’


Yutaro is set to appear in the upcoming film Rookie Reporter Torokko: Watashiga Yaraneba Darega Yaru! The film will debut on August 9.

The film project started as a proposal by Shotaro Miyagawa as part of a class project while he was enrolled at the Nihon University College of Art. The idea struck him in high school, during a time when the malicious tackling issue was all over the front pages. The proposal contained a sense of urgency for children to fight against adults and to have the passion and drive to accomplish something after witnessing a scandal at their alma mater, and in the end, this powerful idea inspired the producers to create the film and release it in theaters.

The story takes place in a high school newspaper club. The main character, a rookie reporter named Torokko, and other members of the club expose the dark side of adults from the fringes of society in this poignant film that will make audiences think about justice and the meaning of right and wrong. Yutaro will play the role of Tajima, a student who supports the newspaper club by using his drone.

The film was directed by Keiichi Kobayashi, whose debut feature film About the Pink Sky was highly acclaimed. Known for portraying young people in emotional and bold scenes, he also worked on He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die, and Koi wa Hikari. The screenplay was written by Daisuke Ono, known for Tsujiura Renbo and Good-Bye, Erymanthus.

<Comment from Yutaro (Tajima)>
“I was so happy to meet the director on set since we worked together on He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die. We’re good friends behind the scenes. The character I play, Tajima, is a key player in the film, and I was supervised by a professional while learning to fly a drone for the first time. I hope you’re looking forward to the movie!”

Book lover Yui Tokoro (Karin Fujiyoshi) is enrolled at Sakuraba Gakuen High School, a prestigious private school where the writer of her dreams, Konoha Midorimachi, is said to be a student. However, she was unable to join the Literature and Art Club, which attracts only the most elite writers, with many winning competitions. Mari Saionji (Rinka Kumada), the head of the literature club, reaches out to the depressed Yui and offers her permission to join the club if she can find an unidentified writer named Konoha. Yui infiltrates the school’s unauthorized newspaper club, which has a track record of interviewing Konoha, and works as a novice reporter (Torokko) under the supervision of the club’s head, Kasane (Akari Takaishi).
The school’s chairman (Masahiro Takashima), who is not pleased with the two reporters finding out about the teacher’s scandals, puts unreasonable pressure on them and puts the newspaper department in a difficult position. However, Yui takes a leap of faith and, along with former Literature Club member Matsuyama Akira (Keito Tsuna) and others, makes her way to the very top and discovers the school’s dark side! When the truth is revealed, what path will Yui choose?

Rookie Reporter Torokko: Watashiga Yaraneba Darega Yaru! (Film)
Release Date: August 9, 2024 at Theatre Shinjuku, Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro, etc.
Starring: Karin Fujiyoshi (Sakurazaka46), Akari Takaishi, Rinka Kumada, Tomo Nakai, Keito Tsuna, Nene Sotohara, Yutaro, Miwako Kakei, Saburo Ishikura (Special Guest Star) / Masahiro Takashima
Director: Keiichi Kobayashi
Screenplay: Daisuke Ono
Original Draft: Shotaro Miyagawa

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