[KAWAII LAB.] New Idol Group SWEET STEADY Announces First Solo Concert at Debut Live Performance


On March 4, the idol project KAWAII LAB. held a live event, KAWAII LAB. SESSION vol.7 ~SWEET STEADY~, at Ebisu’s The Garden Hall. Three groups took the stage: FRUITS ZIPPER, scheduled to perform at Nippon Budokan for the first time next spring; CANDY TUNE, which sold out Zepp Shinjuku within six months of its debut; and SWEET STEADY, which released its first single on March 1. This was the first time SWEET STEADY performed live on stage.

KAWAII LAB. is a project that aims to discover, develop, and produce idols capable of being active on a global stage based on the concept of “from Harajuku to the world.” Popular KAWAII LAB. groups include FRUITS ZIPPER, whose first album NEW KAWAII is scheduled to release in April and is scheduled for a 2-day solo concert at Nippon Budokan in May, and CANDY TUNE, who sold out Zepp Shinjuku within six months of their debut and will hold a 4-city anniversary tour starting this month. Tickets to the recent event sold out immediately, with fans excited to see SWEET STEADY perform for the first time. Even before the doors opened, the crowd was filled with excitement.

First on stage were the KAWAII LAB. MATES. The members, aiming to someday make their full-fledged idol debut, performed FRUITS ZIPPER’s Happy Chocolate for the hyped audience. Next up was CANDY TUNE–last year, the members showed their cute side with the song Hissatsu Azato Pose, which became a trending topic on social media. Performing Sonaeareba Moumantai, released on February 16, the girls showed off their sleek dance moves with matching facial expressions for each, jumping from fierce frowns to shining smiles. To wrap up their portion of the performance, CANDY TUNE wowed the audience with their signature song Kiss Me Patissier. Singing five songs total, CANDY TUNE captured the audience’s heart with their improved vocals and dance moves, having honed them over the past year by appearing on TV programs and at events both in Japan and overseas. “Did you have a good time today? Make some noise,” Bibian Murakawa said to the thrilled crowd. “Can you make SWEET STEADY’s debut even more exciting?”

そして、本日がデビューライブとなるSWEET STEADYのステージ。Overtureと共に

Finally, SWEET STEADY, the main attraction, took the stage. Appearing alongside an Overture, the audience broke into loud cheers as the intro to the group’s debut song Hajimari no Aizu began to play. “I’m just so, so happy right now,” said member Mayumi Shiraishi. “I just hope you’ll keep supporting us!” The girls sang and danced their hearts out in a powerful performance, expressing their dreams and strong determination as they began their activities to bring Harajuku to the world. Despite looking a little nervous, the girls finished off their debut concert with a spectacular performance of three original songs: Michishirube, Nantene!, and Magic of the Heart.

The music video for SWEET STEADY’s debut song, Hajimari no Aizu, was released on YouTube on March 5. Before its official release, a live-streaming event was held on the member’s social media accounts.

The event was concluded by a performance from FRUITS ZIPPER. Pure in the World, one of the group’s most popular live songs, stirred the fans into a frenzy, and they continued with two more fan favorites–Zutto, Zutto, Zutto! and Sekaiwa Kimikara Hajimaru. Continuing, the girls closed their portion of the show with Happy Chocolate and Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, their most popular track. FRUITS ZIPPER will release its first album, NEW KAWAII, on April 10. The girls are currently traveling around Japan to participate in release events, and FRUITS ZIPPER’s second-anniversary concert will take place on May 18 and May 19 at Nippon Budokan with a center stage configuration.

During the MC at the end of the event, it was announced that SWEET STEADY’s first solo concert, Hajimari no Aizu, would be held on June 9 at EX THEATER ROPPONGI. “It’s a dream come true for SWEET STEADY to have our first concert at such an amazing venue,” said member Riyo Shiokawa, unable to hide her shock. “We want to cherish every moment and cherish every one of you here today, so I hope you’ll dedicate today to SWEET STEADY!”

Additionally, auditions were announced for a new idol group from KAWAII LAB. The project is looking for idols with unique personalities and charm and applications are open to both those new to the industry and those with experience.

<Event Information>
Venue: Nippon Budokan
Day 1: May 18 – Doors open 15:30 / Show starts 17:00
Day 2: May 19 – Doors open 15:00 / Show starts 16:30

March 16 – Nagoya ReNY limited
March 23 – Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS
March 31 – Osaka Umeda TRAD
April 27 – Tokyo Toyosu PIT

■SWEET STEADY 1st Solo Concert -Hajimari no Aizu-
Date: June 9, 2024
Details will be announced on SWEET STEADY’s official X page

Date: April 29, 2024
Venue: Ebisu’s The Garden Hall
Details will be announced on KAWAII LAB’s official X page (@KAWAII__LAB)

<CD Release Information>
Release Date: April 10, 2024
Limited First Edition Type A~C [CD+DVD] – KLF-10002〜KLF-10007 / ¥7,500 (Tax Included)
Standard Edition [CD only] – KLF-10001 / ¥3,000 (Tax Included)

<Release Information>
Ienakatta Kotoba ~Arigatou~ – CANDY TUNE (8th Digital Single)
Release Date: March 8, 2024
Streaming URL:
Available on all major music download and streaming sites

Hajimari no Aizu – SWEET STEADY (1st Single)
Release Date: March 1, 2024
Streaming URL:
Available on all major music download and streaming sites

<Audition Information>
Applications open: March 4 ~ May 31, 2024
How to Apply: On the official LINE

Application Requirements (Partial)
・Female between the ages of 10~24
・No experience necessary (Both experienced and inexperienced performers are welcome to apply)
・Must be able to participate in live performances and lessons mainly in the Tokyo area.


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