CANDY TUNE Announces First Solo Live Show at Zepp Shinjuku (TOKYO) in October and Releases New Single ‘Cu Cu Cu Cute’


CANDY TUNE debuted with their first album CANDY TUNE, in March of this year. Part of the KAWAII LAB. idol project, the girls already have an exciting lineup of performances scheduled at various major idol festivals this summer. On June 27th, they held their first solo live show at Spotify O-WEST in Shibuya, Tokyo.

CANDY TUNE kicked off their live performance with Nanairo Prologue, continuing into a passionate rendition of Mikanna Seishyun (Incomplete Youth), delivering a real feeling of exhilaration to the audience. When the group performed Cu Cu Cu Cute for the first time, the audience’s excitement increased ten-fold as they became lost in the Arabian sounds and catchy choreography reminiscent of rubbing a magic lamp.

During the show, the girls showcased the same intermission that recently they performed during the TIF2023 Main Stage Battle Preliminary Match.=. Looking back on the event, Kotomi Tachibana said “Our bond with the other members of CANDY TUNE and all theAme-chan (the name for CANDY TUNE’s fans) have become incredibly strong, and I feel that we have grown together as a result. We will continue to move forward, so please continue to support us!” Her message resonated with the audience, who responded with warm applause. The show reached its peak with a series of upbeat numbers, and during the finale, the girls engaged in the call-and-response portion of the show with their popular TikTok song Kiss Me Patissier. For the closing track, they expressed their gratitude to the fans through the heartfelt song hanamaru, leaving the stage with bright smiles.

In response to cries for an encore from the audience, the members reappeared on stage, announcing their summer festival appearances on the massive screen. “We have an important announcement for everyone,” it read. The members and the audience alike were shocked when a surprise announcement was made revealing that their first solo live show would be held at Zepp Shinjuku (TOKYO) in October. The audience reacted with surprised shouts and loud applause, and some of the members could be seen crying on stage. Rino Fukuyama expressed, with a teary voice, “We had the opportunity to perform at Zepp Shinjuku once before during the collaboration KAWAII LAB. concert, and we all thought that the only reason we could ever perform on such a famous stage was that we had more experienced groups like FRUITS ZIPPER and IDOLATER up there with us. I’m so happy that we can now aim for that goal more proudly,” said Rino Fukuyama.

The new Cu Cu Cu Cute, which was performed for the first time at the live show, was released on June 27th. The refreshing pop tune with an explosive sound was produced by Kubo Naoki, a former member of SILENT SIREN who also worked on CANDY TUNE’s previous release CATCH YOU, and features lyrics by Suu. Enjoy the #きゃんちゅーと初めての夏 (First Summer with CANDYTUNE) while listening to this song!

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Cu Cu Cu Cute – CANDY TUNE (3rd single)
Release Date: June 27, 2023
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<Live Information>
CANDY TUNE 1st One-man Live
Date: October 18/ Doors open 17:30, show starts 18:30
Venue: Zepp Shinjuku (TOKYO)

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– VIP ¥15,000 (Tax Included, Drinks separate) *Exclusive to KAWAII LAB. OFFICIAL FANCLUB members
– General Standing Ticket ¥4,000 (Tax Included, Drinks separate)

▼The VIP-exclusive benefits include:
– A VIP-exclusive T-shirt
– A photo and autographed message card
– A VIP-exclusive member group acrylic stand
– An original electronic ticket

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Available: June 27, 20:30 – July 10, 23:59.
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