MANON Releases ‘L.M.S.N,’ a Collaboration with NY-based Artist Kyunchi


Starting in October 2022, artist MANON released new music for four consecutive months. Continuing her exploration of the HyperPop genre, her new track L.M.S.N feat. Kyunchi is now streaming.

MANON is known for releasing music with up-and-coming artists, and for this new track, she’s collaborated with NY-based HyperPop artist Kyunchi. L.M.S.N was composed by trackmaker Kiraku, who also worked on MANON’s previous release. The song is a Gal anthem, packed with Kiraku’s signature sound and ‘Gal Rap’ performed by MANON and Kyunchi.

<Comment from MANON>
“I’ve wanted to collab with Kyunchi for so long, and it’s finally happened.
When I go to parties, I have a habit of being loud and not holding back, so people tend to shoot me these judgmental looks. But I don’t care! I always think “LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE!!” This song is just that–it’s us doing what we want to do at the moment. ⭐️That’s the vibe.
I feel like gals from the 2010s are all about YOLO–they give off this super strong vibe. That’s what I was trying to channel in this track, but then Kyunchi’s bad bitch rap made it so much more intense. The jacket was also inspired by blinged-out images from the 2010s and was made by Kiraku’s friend onumi!
When you hear this song, be sure to MAKE SOME NOISE!!”

<Release Information>
L.M.S.N feat. Kyunchi – MANON (Digital Single)
Release Date: May 24, 2023
Streaming URL:
Lyrics: MANON, Kyunchi / Prod.: Kiraku

■Kyunchi Profile

Kyunchi is a New York-based, candy-coated, gender-bending, post-modern, hyperpop, scene kid. Not bound by age, gender, nationality, or religion, the artist debuted in 2019 with Kyunshi Shopping Spree, produced by Ayesha Erotica. In April 2022, they released Mecha Angel Genesis♡, produced by writer syva of Codomo Mental INC. WORLDWIDE☆GIRL feat. nonamera was released on August 31, produced by syva and featuring nonamera on vocals.

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