Idol Group FRUITS ZIPPER Releases 2nd Single, Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro


ASOBISYSTEM’s recent KAWAII LAB project seeks to introduce Japan’s growing idol culture to the world. The new idol groupFRUITS ZIPPER was created by this project, and the girls will release their second single, Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, on April 29, 2022.

Following the release of their first single Kimino Akaruimiraiwo Oikakete, the group’s second single was made in collaboration with lyricist Yamamoto Sho, a former member of Phenotas who has written tracks for numerous idols in the past. Misa Kimura, the group’s producer, had worked with Yamamoto in the past, and asked him to create a ‘cute’ track. The song, which translates as The Cutest Part of Me, is filled with adorable lyrics and a catchy beat.

A LINE MUSIC playback campaign is underway. Those who listen to the song the most will receive an image containing a special personalized message from the members.

FRUITS ZIPPER has been going strong since its debut, with appearances at a number of live events already confirmed only months after the group began its activities. On May 3, the girls will hold a free solo concert at Yurakucho Alternative Theater.


Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro – FRUITS ZIPPER 2nd Digital Single
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Kimino Akaruimiraiwo Oikakete – FRUITS ZIPPER 1st Single
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Streaming will begin sequentially on iTunes Store and other major distribution sites, as well as on Apple Music, Spotify, LINE MUSIC, and other major subscription-based music streaming services.