• This spring, Natsume Mito is supporting new lifestyle changes!

  • NEWS | Feb.17.2016

  • Head down to MOSHI MOSHI BOX Harajuku Visitor Center to find a variety of all new stationery products by Natsume Mito in the Natsume Mito Series!


    With her single MAEGAMI KIRISUGITA (I Cut My Bangs Too Short) being her charm point, Natsume Mito is back with a stationery series which will power up your kawaii levels! The sales are planned to begin before the end of March at MOSHI MOSHI BOX and will also be available for sale at every Loft store across Japan.


    ‘In 20 years time, I want to manage a stationery shop!’ said once the big dreamer Natsume Mito – for someone whose love of stationery is unmatchable, now her dream is becoming a reality. Fans will not be able to resist her unique stationery designs, which use Natsume Mito’s specially drawn illustrations and unique photos. As a fashion leader in Aomoji style magazines, Natsume Mito makes the most of her aesthetic sensibility. Her casual stylish appearance, which is supported by many women nationwide, has been the influence of her stationary designs. A vast number of goods are lined up and ready for sale!


    Since her debut single MAEGAMI KIRISUGITA, let’s support her lifestyle as an artist and her new Spring lifestyle!!


    The new single ‘I’ll do my best’ was specially produced by Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE) and is dedicated to all who are starting a new, fresh life for themselves – a song representing setting off on a new journey.


    From the previous song themes, there has been a complete change – from a comical route, taking a turn to songs which paint a theme of hopeful and positive feelings, which run even through dark times, and now the year has come round to Spring, the song theme has moved onto a sentimental theme which depicts a delicate frame of mind.


    Having finished another pop number, Natsume Mito has pushed the boundaries to discover new grounds in music for the next single. The release date for the new single ‘I’ll do my best’, is 6th April – just in time for the Spring season of new beginnings! This song will also be performed at her first ever one man tour ‘Mito Natsume wa Omedetai’, which is planned to be held in May at Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.


    This year, keep an eye out for more action from Natsume Mito!



    Natsume’s Stationery Store:

    A variety of 19 designs and 44 different products. All items were carefully designed to the finest detail under the careful eyes of Natsume Mito. There are more than 50 products which are illustrated by or use a picture of Natsume Mito!




    Title: I’ll do my best

    Release date: 6th April 2016

    Producer: Yasutaka Nakata (Capsule)


    One man live tour :  ‘Mito Natsume wa Omedetai’

    Tour Information


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