• Shiho Takechi, Rina Tanaka and Fumiko Aoyagi Appointed as Ambassadors for Japan Patent Office’s Campaign

  • NEWS | Dec.03.2014

  • Anti-piracy has never been this kawaii.

    The Japan Patent Office has launched a new website for its new anti-piracy campaign, and three of our Harajuku-kei models - Shiho Takechi, Rina Tanaka and Fumiko Aoyagi - were appointed as PR ambassadors for the project.

    As part of the campaign, three short videos that feature the models with the message “illegal items are not kawaii,” are now available for viewing on the new website. Through the new project, the three Harajuku fashion icons aim to raise awareness of Japan’s piracy problem.

    Japan Patent Office Website:

    ■Shiho Takechi
    Profile page: http://asobisystem.com/talent/takechishiho

    ■Rina Tanaka
    Profile page: http://asobisystem.com/talent/tanakarina

    ■Fumiko Aoyagi
    Profile page: http://asobisystem.com/talent/aoyagifumiko


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