• MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON’s Latest Project - MOSHI MOSHI BOX Harajuku Tourist Information Center - Set to Open on Dec. 25

  • NEWS | Dec.19.2014

  • Come Christmas, a new landmark is scheduled to open in Japan’s pop-culture mecca of Harajuku.

    Supported by the Shibuya City Tourism Association and Harajuku Merchants’ Association, MOSHI MOSHI BOX will offer a wide range of services, from free WiFi and karaoke to crepes and currency exchange, all in one kawaii pop-themed space to assist local and international tourists.

    The outside of the building is adorned with a spectacular world clock-inspired monument designed by art director Sebastian Masuda, who is known as the pioneer of Harajuku kawaii culture.

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON aims to energise Harajuku - and Japan - by launching its first information center MOSHI MOSHI BOX in the city that created kawaii culture, and ASOBISYSTEM.


    Address: Ts ONE Building 3-23-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Launch date: Dec. 25, 2014
    Opening hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm
    Operated by: MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Project Exclusive Committee


    Shibuya City Tourism Association’s friendly bilingual team is onsite to help you! Feel free to ask them anything you want to know, including tourist attractions and the best shopping in Harajuku.

    We offer the most useful maps and city guides for Harajuku and the surrounding stations, including Shibuya, Daikanyama and Ebisu. You can also get flyers and pamphlets of local vendors too.

    ■FREE Wi-Fi
    Visitors can use the Net for free thanks to our partners at Japanese mobile phone company au. Simply download their official app on your phone and you’ll be connected to the Wi-Fi! The app also offers information about the area you are in and places you can go.

    Is your phone or computer out of juice? We offer free computers and free chargers for your smartphones!

    Worry no more! We have Travelex ATMs in store where visitors can get their foreign currencies exchanged on the spot. The services available are USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, KRW, AUD and TWD.

    We have a wide range of “omiyage” - or gifts for back home - produced by MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON as well as the latest kawaii items that represent Harajuku, the origin of kawaii culture. One of Harajuku’s oldest crepe shops, Marion Crepe, offers their delicious crepes outside the store.

    We offer quick domestic and international shipping services so shopaholics can ship their latest goodies to anywhere in the world without any hassle.

    Our friendly staff will assist you with organising your next trip! We also offer unique tour packages in Japan and overseas.

    Our mission at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON is to spread Japanese pop culture to the world - that includes fashion, music, anime, food and whole lot more. We want to reach out to present and future j-fans in the hopes that you will make the trip over to Japan. We will work with Japanese companies to offer services that are unique to Japan and also assist them with their localization strategies. By employing a mix of marketing strategies, we aim to boost the local economy from inside and out.


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